This guy has faith in Muss


This list should make us all feel good. Because all it really is a some guy’s ranking of programs. No one even knows what rosters will look like. Muss doesn’t even know!

Saw another tweet compiling nine WTE top 25s and Arkansas was in the top 20 of all of them. And his comment with the list is that nobody knows who will be on our roster next year, but they know who will be coaching them and the overall trend of the program.

The range, by the way, was #7 by Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News to #19 by Kevin Sweeney of Sports Illustrated. John Fanta of Fox Sports and Kevin Flaherty of 247 also had the Hogs in the top 10. The above list is Flaherty’s.

And none in Cal quite obviously even though they’re bringing in the number one class.

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Jeff Goodman has us at #18 and has a blurb on each pick. He too has a lot of faith in Muss. Who wouldn’t. You have to look at Muss’s recruiting for last 3 years and project based on that.

He has Marquette at #1 because Shaka returns virtually everyone. Big East is all of a sudden is becoming perhaps the strongest conference, especially adding Pitino to St. John’s.

If TB, Walsh and Devo return, that is a great base to build on. Regardless of who we add. That #9 looks pretty solid to me.

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