This game will kick start the portal

I wouldn’t blame the whole freaking team from leaving. We have seriously taken a step backwards


the FCS portal is already open and we have plenty of talent that is better suited to that competition.

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If we lose as many kids as is being predicted, what does that say and where does that leave us?

Sam is supposed to be a “players coach” but can’t keep a starter from leaving with one game to go. Couldn’t keep two starters from leaving for a SECW school last year. STARTERS.

Someone on here said we could lose 30 kids to transfer porter? Surly not, but even half or a third of that means we have a problem.


Lord help us if we lose anywhere close to a third of the roster. Surely not…….

I look at it in two ways. That means we are pushing kids to leave. I read a lot of posts that state we don’t enough talent. That our kids aren’t as good as everyone else’s. We have 85 schollies to use how we see fit. If we aren’t talented, then let’s turn the roster over and try some new kids. Let’s go find the guys from lower conferences that have a couple of years left and want to try the SEC. Let’s get some HS kids that are higher ranked.

Now, the other side is if all our starters want to leave. If 30 starters leave, then we have a problem and Yurachek has a tough decision to make.

Three seasons ago we had gone 2-10 back to back with 0 wins in the SEC. We hired CSP. The next year against an SEC-only schedule (the hardest in the country) we won 3 SEC games and had another stolen from us. Last year we went 8-4 and won a bowl game. Now we’re 6-6 with 4 of the losses by 3 points or less against the toughest schedule in the country and the sky is falling. Everybody should transfer out.

Let’s keep some perspective here.


We have very dumb fans.




I agree.


Well said, Chip. The only thing you didn’t say was this team couldn’t afford major injuries (because we still lack quality depth), but they happened anyway. Yesterday absolutely sucked, but this roster has been held together with chewing gum and duct tape for weeks.

I just don’t get the unrealistic expectations for what this program is, and what it ever can be, in this conference. It is just beyond delusion. We MIGHT someday have a shot to play in an expanded playoff, but this fanbase really needs to come to the realization that 9 wins and a bowl game in the sun is most likely our ceiling.

And that is ok. Arkansas will probably never win another natty in football, but we damn sure could in a lot of other sports. We probably have the most well-rounded athletic program in the league.

We just need to keep cashing those big SEC checks.


The frustration stems, for me, from losing all the close games to teams we were better than or could have beaten. Split TAMU, Liberty, LSU and Mizzou and everything feels different.

Instead we lost all 4 in various, frustrating ways. I expected to lose to MO. They were geared up and playing better and we had already Larry the Bowling Balled it up.

For me, the losses to TAMU and Liberty ruined the season. A really dumb play ruined the TAMU game. It was the latest in a string of games we gave away to TAMU, only to see them go on and lose a bunch of games.

And, we should have found a way to score more points and beat Liberty. That was a complete no-show. I get that KJ was hurt but we should have been able to beat them with a backup or the pared down play-calling once it was clear KJ wasn’t right.

Win those 2 and you’re 8-4 and things feel different.

But, again, the biggest concern for me is that we had 4 no-show games (TAMU, Liberty, MSU and MO). That’s 1/3 of the schedule. That’s too much complacency for a program like ours. I get it that you can’t be up for every game. But, you also can’t lay an egg that much—not when you have such a small margin for error.


Well said.

Very well said

Bingo. We sacrificed football for the good of the rest of the athletic department. Wouldn’t have been my decision, but I sure don’t care about women’s sports or frankly anything outside of football, baseball, basketball or golf. I understand plenty do and don’t disparage them. Just not my thing

Amen, it’s ridiculous :man_shrugging:. WPS

I have the same frustration

I think it will depend on who leaves and who replaces them. I’m not concerned about the number. Muss has 11 new guys.

A players coach probably doesn’t have the same weight as it once did i with NIL. It’s business now. Not buddies.

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