This game was won with

Pressure late. We got a big backcourt, a steal on the sideline by Barford and another steal late that that led to a go-ahead layup late by Barford.

Dustin Thomas was huge. Moses scoring kept us around when it was iffy.

It seems like every time I think this isn’t the time they comeback they dig deep and scratch out a win.

This is a tough group.

:smiley: Agree. Tough bunch of kids. They’ve made us proud after some very discouraging moments a month ago. I hate that I’d about given up on them, but thrilled they proved me wrong. Anything past this is gravy.

Carrington, Jones and Rodriguez played 36 minutes apiece. Delgado went 31.

Arkansas did a great job on Rodriguez, the 6-6 wing player. He shot 4-17. Delgado also was 4-11.

Seton Hall scored 11 points in the last 10 minutes of the game. Did they wear down, did Arkansas play great defense, or both?

Five points the last seven minutes, if I tracked it correctly. You will win a lot of games with that.

Hi Oklahawg:
It was a tough game, but we have learned how to play from behind and win.

Free Throws

Yup. For as bad as they’ve been blitzing the pick-and-roll for most of this year, it’s only fitting they wind up getting a key go-ahead play off a trap in the tourney haha.

Response: ditto this team has bite, and it’s going to get tested Sunday. If ours bigs continue to play strong and guards stronger I like our chances this time and moving on…