This field is a hot mess

There is turf where grass and dirt should be, but there is still grass and turf on the field.

Think about this: A runner who scores goes home to first on turf, first to third on dirt, then third to home on turf. The infield and outfield are grass, but the foul ground and home plate are turf.

Polk-Dement Stadium might be the crown jewel of college baseball when the renovation is over, but Dudy Noble Field will not be.

I don’t like anything about the artificial turf on a baseball field. I like grass! Same with football

I don’t mind turf on a football field, but I’m with you in that I don’t care for it on a baseball field. It’s just unnatural, no pun intended.

The thing that drives me crazy with this field is the blended nature of the grass and turf. It would be like having a football field with grass between the 20s, but turf red zones and end zones.

Agree 100%. Artificial turf is bad enough, but mixture is awful.

I don’t like the walls being so close to the foul line in the corners, either. No room to catch a foul ball. Seems to be something of a hazard. I suppose there’s still a warning track into right, but seems it would’ve been easy enough to add space there.

Another thing I don’t care for, though it doesn’t affect play, are the alternate mowing patterns to create those stripes.

Funny thing is, Moo U has a sports turf management program. You’d think they’d be able to find someone to rake the basepaths and home plate area.

Copying a lot of big league parks there. Wrigley, the Juice Box, Fenway, Coors Field, PNC Park. You will notice several of those are newer parks; the trend has been for less foul territory, not more. It helps offense (fewer outs on foul popups), and gets the expensive field-level seats closer to the action.