This FF is setting college basketball back 40 years

All the effort to speed up the game and increase scoring seems to have been reversed. Some ugly basketball.

I am dreading a Virginia-Texas Tech Final.

Nobody try’s to score and it’s called defense. Just horrid

Pure pain to watch

1, 5 and 9th ranked KenPom defenses in the final four. Everything contested.

They are relentless on defense and do it without all the reaching fouls. Fun to watch.

It will be the worst game since peach baskets

Scoring is up significantly in CBB over the last 3 years. .

This game is on the refs. They’ve made a conscious decision that if you are on defense, there is no such thing as a foul unless you touch the arm of a jump shooter on his shot. If you drive to the basket, there is no foul unless someone punches you in the face. If you are on offense you can foul by moving an inch on a screen or if you stick your elbow out 6 inches and a defender intentionally falls back 10 feet. Ideally there will be sumo wrestling for rebounds. In a regular season basketball game, every member of both teams would have fouled out.

Absolutely it has been up. That is why I am saying this FF.

Great to see defense being played, that’s the reason these teams are playing and not us. WPS

To each his own. I like great defense myself. I think it requires toughness and discipline…

just hope it does not go into overtime first. I will have to DVR this one. Can’t bear to watch it live. When each team gets the ball, fast forward 20 seconds. Will be able to view the whole game in 30 minutes.

Don’t watch much CBB but decided to watch because of Beard. Wow - enjoyed it! Reminded me of my youth and watching the great Sutton teams that played great defense.

Defense, Dedication, Discipline!

It is kinda fun seeing the major talent pool getting a beating. I guess it’s not always about the most talent. Sometimes it’s all about how you use them.

I hope the Jimmys and Joes enjoy watching.

Chris Beard is a Bobby Knight protege’. He emphasizes defense and pretty be damned. Beard’s coaching style is so like Coach Sutton’s, ugly but a winning philosophy. It is almost the opposite of Coach Anderson who loves to run and gun. Two different styles, but both have a place in the game. Chris Beard will probably not leave the vast wasteland of west Texas to come here. It is kind of a shame, really. It would have been kind of like Eddie had returned to coach the Hogs. So much for the retro look.

Agree with the Sutton comparison, I would love to see that attitude in a Hog uniform…