This fan is not ready to panic..............

…about this season. We failed to beat two of the top five teams in the country. We didn’t look good at all on defense doing it. There were tons of teaching moments in the offensive line but we still had Nick Saban foaming at the mouth on the sideline when we put 30 points on his first team defense despite those problems and passing constantly trying to come from behind. This defense may not be any better than last years, but that defense handled Tennessee’s spread pretty well and it got better as the season went on. Every Bielema team has solidified and improved a lot as the season goes on. This year, except for Greenlaw, we have not suffered the rash of injuries we did last year. This team can have a very good season as the competition, still strong, is significantly less than those first two conference games. Go Hogs. Time for a threepeat on those OleMissyBlackBears.

I think this is a huge game.

This week will answer if we are battling Miss St for last place or LSU for 3rd place in the West.

If the HOGS can pull this off we can think the black bears 3 years running for bringing HOPE back on the hill


Go Hogs. :smiley: