This explains everything! … -the-snap/

I was unaware that DJ Williams was media, but had to look up his twitter since that GIF had his link. Players doing multiple things that coaching staff should have control over, but don’t. More talent on this team than losing to NTSU and Colo ST, we have been a disbanded bunch for a long time and the staff could eventually get to GOOD but never great. CCM and staff will top out at about 7 wins in their tenure.

That Colton Jackson clip is EMBARRAssING.

That is sad!! He should not be able to start.

Looks like he was expecting a different snap count.

well to be honest we are the only team in the SEC Jackson would start on and in most cases would be what it is…sad

If you’re 8-3 people would say mental mistake, but 2-9 he’s an idiot.

As far as I know, I haven’t anything like this from him in other games.

That looks to me like it might have been an instance where he was expecting a cadence and it was a silent snap. He didn’t look like he knew the ball had been snapped, then was really frustrated by something before the play ever ended. It’s tough when you are a tackle and you have your head turned from the rest of the line.

True on that Matt, but at least he could have gotten into the play and made some EFFORT.

Just to be clear, no one is calling a player an idiot here. A sad performance, a sad effort and another sad looking play.

Mental mistake on the snap count, shouldn’t be happening at this stage of the season I know
Everyone get their laughs at our expense for now.
Never forget though.

Didn’t say you did but sure there were some that did. Comes with the territory. Sad but true.

Happens all season.

Last week Saturday Down South made a point to show or jet sweep WR get taken out by our RB! This week it’s another blooper. What can we expect when we are on the bottom in the cellar.

Well it should give the staff plenty of film clip reminders to show during the off season for motivational purposes.
Bad News Hogs!!!

I’m told it was supposed to be a double cadence and Colton wasn’t looking at the ball when the ball was snapped. He obviously wasn’t expecting the ball to be snapped so soon. Luckily the others were.

I hope they are better next year. At least put players on the field that want to play and give effort.

Absolutely. Wonder how man mental mistakes we’ve had total this season vs Bama. Wish someone could find that stat.

I’m talking all teams. If they’re 8-3 it’s not a big deal. 3-8 and everything is magnified. Just the way it is when you’re losing.

While you would like to be lower, Arkansas isn’t probably as bad as most think. … s-per-game