This doesn’t need to be missed

or lost in the shuffle of talking about the game

Devo had a tip jammmmmm!!!

Great contribution to the DPG.


I figured Gas would notice.


I have mentioned this before but I will again. One of the really exciting things about Devo is tht he still has no idea how athletic he is. He doesn’t know how fast he is, how quick he is, or how high he can jump. I also think all three of those things will get even better over time as I feel he is still growing into his body. I think Devo is going to do some amazingly athletic things before he id done at Arkansas. Outside of Justin Smith’s ridiculous hops I think Devo will end up being nearly as explosive of an athlete at Michael Qualls before he leaves the UA.

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I remember in an interview when Nolan was asked how high Lee Mayberry can jump after he had taken a pass for a dunk from along the baseline and Nolan answered, “As high as he needs to.” I think that description also fits Devo.

What’s impressive about Devo last night he didn’t appear to concentrate on scoring himself. He did all the dirty work he could. The tip was part of that dirty work. He plays defense like a lion!

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