This delay is killing me

Of course, it’d be much worse if we were 3 down & the whorns were batting in the bottom of the 6th with no outs & the bases loaded, but it’s still nerve wracking. I just hate that it came just as we really grabbed momentum. Very important we get another run or more out of this. Two might cause the whorns to fold. Three more will really stab them.

Enjoy it! We are right where we want to be in this game! Let them stew in it.

Agree 100% with every word u’ve said…plus no updates on how it looks there when we gonna start back up

My only concern is that Loeske will probably not be able to continue pitching. Hopefully whoever comes in will have a huge lead.

I wouldn’t count on that. He didn’t throw much. If hey keep him warm he can come back. We need to put up a 6 spot and open up lots of options.

The pitching issue of whether Loeske returns or we use another pitcher is important but getting some more runs is the pressing issue!

It is imperative that we get at least two more runs and hopefully many more to slam the door what we can’t have is a pop up and double play ball and get nothing out of this we need to slam the door right here like 8 or 9 to 2