This defense makes bad teams look great!!


Whether its the players not having enough talent to play this style
of defense or the staffs refusal to adjust to something different, this
is Mikes fault. Paint it how you will… call me a doom and gloomer…
he either coaches this horrible defense or recruited the players that
can’t or just doesn’t play it.

For those that will yell at me that this is not mikes fault. Its his team,
his scheme, his adjustments, his style of play, so it is also his fault.

He better get this fixed, but I’m afraid that in the 7 years he has been
here, we have seen Mikes’ ceiling. Never thought I’d say that, but its
gotten to the point I just can’t bring myself to watch this lazy ass
product I’m seeing on the floor.

It’s pretty pathetic. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but this team looks like they are ready for the season to be over. There’s just a lot of weaknesses that I’m not sure how we are going to overcome them. We make a medicore LSU team look like the Golden State Warriors. It’s pretty bad right now.

Blu, you’re finally waking up. We need a change.

Yep. Wonder what is going on fr. I hope we get some answers. Probably will get same prepackaged stories tho

Mike is a better coach than this. I have no doubt he will win wherever he goes next. Just wish I knew what sank the ship here. It’s crazy

Honestly, Mike is an above average coach.

But if you check his record it’s really not anything to get too excited about.

He has three seasons of single digit losses. One at each school he has coached. Never really been outstanding.

You will also see the great coaches having asistants getting head coaching jobs. Not so with Anderson assistants