This defense is better but is still a work in progress---

—and nowhere near what it needs to be. There is more speed in the secondary than in our past but when speed hurries to the wrong place or at the wrong angle, big plays result. Those are fixable problems. We watched Portland State wear out our nickel back, #9 - Brooks, with double digit receptions against him. They got that fixed and our secondary looked better against CSU and OleMiss. Not great or even pretty good but better.

We watched CSU exploit our young and injured defensive ends failing to hold the edge on the defensive line and getting outside for big games over and over. I bet Chavis and Caldwell will get that fixed too.

We still don’t yet have dominating pass rushers or corners or great talent two deep at linebacker. We won’t win all of the battles against good teams and we will give up some yards. Our tackling needs more improvement and bigger/stronger/faster guys doing the tackling. You don’t snap your fingers and make that happen over night or in one full recruiting class. JMVVVVVHO

I agree with every thing you said. Too many young players that are playing some of their first snaps. We need some patience with them and we need to hold out hope for greater health going forward.

I thought the DE’s not sealing the edge was so apparent. I see some things to be excited about with them. Play hard and seem to be building an attacking style.

My hope for the team is that the offense continues to improve and we can have shootouts as this young defense comes together. Might be hoping too much with so many young on that side also, but that is my hope.

Yep, a true frosh playing in his first game against a mature offense.