This could shake up preseason rankings

If he chooses to go to college. A special talent.

At one time, he was committed to Mich St as a 2022 recruit. I would imagine they would be considered the leader. I don’t recall why he de-committed though.

I don’t remember seeing the reason for his decomitment

I think he’s going G League.

I’ve been seeing a lot of speculation that NIL will keep kids out of G League. They can make as much or more money in college than on a minimum G-League salary. Now they might put him on the Ignite for a lot more money, like Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga last year.

I am trying to figure this out, He says he is reclassifying, Does he need to reclassify to go to G League.

I don’t think the G League is taking people who are still in high school. Reclassifying means he’s out of high school and thus eligible.

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Ah, that makes sense.

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