This Connection Is Not Private

While trying to log on to the following appeared on my screen,
“This Connection Is Not Private, this website may be impersonating to steal your personal or financial information. You should go back to the previous page”, Show details & Go Back appears at the bottom of the page. This appears each time I go to the home page.
I was able to send this by logging on to
What can I do

I got the same thing so I did not try to read the article.

I got the same thing

That pops up every few months or so. Maybe WHS has a wizard who can explain it. I don’t encounter it with other Hawg sites I visit.

Me also

waited til this morning to log in…figured the site was down for maintenance .it happens a few times with my mobile banking and some other sites

It happened to me too!

I get that from time to time

I have had it also.

Yep, frustrating

I get it sometimes only on safari

I informed the techs.

Sorry - I can’t explain it. Need another wizard to weigh in.


Happened to me as well yesterday but ok for today.

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I’ve not had that problem, however the last 2 days I’ve had to call Customer service to read the paper online. Have to delete the app then reinstall it. Sign off wifi and sign back on. Log on again. A pain in the rear. They told me they did some downloading or upgrading and we’re having tons of problems w many customers. That’s what you get when you have a print and distribute business and try to be an online service. Not really equipped yet to handle it. Wish I still had my paper at my doorstep.

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When that happens to me on this site, as it has several times though I cannot swear to the time frame, I have just shut down my computer. When I log back on (do not need to relog into WHS), the notice no longer appears. I have also had small windows appear on the bottom of my screen asking me “What do you want to do with (some website shown)”. I never click on anything contained therein, but when I try to shut my computer down it tells me that something is downloading. Apparently when I tell it to shut down anyway, the problem goes away.

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