This change has made my iPhone worthless for HI

I want the Classic View, not the new stuff.

On my phone the new view makes me scroll down each thread to see if there’s anything new. That’s not customer friendly and needs to be fixed. When I scroll to the near bottom, I have a difficult time determining who is responding to who–so that’s worthless, or worth less, and certainly not as entertaining.

Classical view resolved all those issues. Anybody listening???

I also have to renew my log in every time I venture to a different cell tower, but that occurred on the classical view also–before the change. Don’t like that and cannot imagine Clay desires this feature.

Where’s all the Personal Messages? Clay had finally figured how to expand the PMs, both received and sent, to where we did not have to delete them to make room for new PMs. Now they seem to be lost.

I prefer to go to RDs column the old way, because I can readily see his articles and associate them with photos and determine whether I’ve read them or not; plus I enjoy the comments by several of the regulars on that site. I think that’s been eliminated on the new board, since I cannot find them. But perhaps they are there?

We are not getting answers in a timely manner. I see where Matt Jones is calling folks with questions to try to resolve them? That’s odd. Why not answer so all can see your response, Matt?

I just answered this in another thread. Everyone has a different scenario because of their different subscriptions to Scout, the magazine, the newspaper, etc. I have been able to resolve every issue a customer has had over the phone.

Want to tackle some of my issues in my various threads without calling me?

One more aggravating issue: every time on my iPhone that there is a change on the screen there’s a durn pop up ad that takes over the bottom portion, with an “x” to eliminate it. Often my big thumb hits a link buried below the add when I’m trying for that x and suddenly I’m off on another page non related to the original topic. Make that go away, please.

MAtt Jones was a great help to me. GIve him time.

Fred, if you won’t give Matt the opportunity to help by letting call you, then don’t gripe. You have complaints scattered all over the various boards, so I would think you might like some answers.

Let’s not get cute Marty. My concern for pop up ads likely concerns everybody with an iPhone. If there’s a resolution then calling me doesn’t help the other customers of this board. My concern for log in going away for each cell tower utilized surely isn’t limited to me only; therefore, answering in the public forum will have its advantage. Not being able to discern new vs red posts you yourself answered public ally, rather than calling the individual bringing it to your attention, as opposed to “complaining”.

Can’t go back on my phone to see what other issues I’ve brought up, but you catch my drift that answers are most appreciated by customers when they can read resolutions, intentions, directions desired, etc, as opposed to being called out or being called by phone.

For registration or log in problems, then, yes, a personal call is worth it’s weight in gold.

I know this transition is difficult for you guys, but listen to your customers who are trying for a better product before you begin to chastise them.

I think you’re a little over the top with your complaining. Have some patience. There are far more things that are more important out there. Chill out.