this board

leaves a lot to be desired. nothing but problems lately, maybe since the server crash.

takes forever to load.
click on football insider board, running back article comes up 3 times
click on football insider board, basketball insider board comes up. 2 times
make a post, the little colored wheel goes round and round and post doesn’t show up, takes two or three attempts to make a post. almost every time
click on any board it usually highlights in red, you go to board, now nothing lights up at times. every time i sign on

is the democrat gazette cutting costs, or have the squirrels that turn the wheel just tired after a long summer?

doesn’t happen with any other board. just this one. great timing on 1st week of football

Matt can go into it deeper but there’s some tweaking going on right now because of the crash.

Thought so. Hope they get it fixed. During and after game Saturday board will be full of comments, debates, arguments, glee or dismay. And predictions.

Many fixes coming. I’ve seen what’s coming. And, it is going to work a lot faster.

My problem is I can log in and read insider forums but can’t read front page articles. If I go to one it asks me to log in but it doesn’t work.

Call customer service at 800-757-6277. They will trouble shoot your account.

Please call 1-800-757-6277 or email

Don’t forget that the email address and phone numbers for contacting customer service can be found in the F.A.Q. thread which is pinned atop all of the forums.