this being Friday ...

and Richard had a bunch of great prospects on Recruiting Thursday videos, where’s the write-up today for what they said? Isn’t this a recruiting board? You have premium information that I am waiting on and have paid for, where’s the beef? And please don’t insult me by asking me to watch the videos for the information. There’s a tease in each prospect’s mention on the WholeHogSports Recruiting page trying to get me to watch the video as if there’s a world of information I am missing out on.

Well, where’s that information in print–on this premium recruiting board?

No video, but audio.

I’ve posted several tidbits today and I’m waiting to confirm the list of more than 30 kids I have visiting tomorrow before posting them.

Also working on other things and chasing info on other kids.

Yes, I’m glad to hear that someone agrees with me. Videos are a slow waste of my time, and I sort of feel insulted.
After watching a few, I quit.
Others may enjoy them and that’s ok, but I want to read. Is that too much to ask?

Actually, I’m referring to audios.

I post the radio interviews for people that aren’t able to listen live. I’m on the board answering questions at all hours of the day while chasing info and posting that info along with posting stories. The chasing of info takes a large amount of my time.

Thank you, Richard, for posting the audio. I am rarely in a position to listen live, so at least with the audio, I can hear the show, which is very good.

What’s wrong with your other set of arms? One to chase, and the other set to stay on here 24/7!

I read probably 95% of the written interviews with prospects, coaches,
and players. I probably only watch 10% of the videos.
I seldom watch videos of non-committed players. If they look awesome,
and wind up going elsewhere I feel the miss more.
However, after we get a great pick-up, I look forward to some
of their highlights. It’s like I can gloat and enjoy a more positive
view of our winning prospects on the field.

How about this?

I will try to follow in behind his radio interviews and put up some quotes on Friday and Saturday.

I understand there is a big generational gap between those who like to read the written word and those who want to just listen to audio or watch the video.

People my age - which is 54 - tend to want to read.

Younger people want to listen and watch.

Studies and hits/views on this board show the latter is far, far, far more popular than reading, but we will try to have a mix.

Duds, don’t sell us 54-year-olds out! Ha! We like to read and we like to watch/listen.

Here’s what Hudson Henry had to say. … ets-visit/

How about this?

Since far more hits happen for audio/video just do everything on audio/video and you won’t have to write a thing.
And you can get rid of those like me who enjoy the pleasure of reading, but are just behind the times.
And there will be no need to publish Hawgs Illustrated or worry about that pesky English grammar.

So he said that he would work to give you more of what you want and you come back with that? I’m 57 and I hardly ever watch a video on this site and never listen to the audio. But I don’t act like somebody peed on my petunias because others like the audio/video content.

Weak comment, Duds comes up with a option, goes out of his way to try to make everyone happy and that’s how you say thanks? :roll: Like I said weak

High school English teacher here, he’s telling the truth. Albeit I’m 31 and I prefer to read, I also have a journalism degree (print) though so go figure I like the printed word

Richard and Dudley, thank you for all of the work you guys put into to providing us with information, including photos, interview quotes, visit lists, the audio and message board posts. Your efforts and results are greatly appreciated and looked forward to on a regular basis. Thank you!

Dudley does offer a good solution and I appreciate it.
Now let’s wait for the follow through before any judgments are made.

I love Duds idea. Count me in, and over 54 by a little bit.

“A rubber-band pistol was confiscated from an algebra class, because it was a weapon of math disruption.”