This BBall Team

Had a thought after the game last night. It seemed sloppy with no real flow. It was just not what most of us consider good basketball, but wait. They won doing what they seem capable of doing and what they have been doing for the past 5 games. It seems Muss has this team doing what they can do and they are winning doing it.

On paper, the teams they have beaten are not the top of the SEC. Can they play with the better teams like this? Maybe or maybe not. We will soon see. It seems it is their only chance. This type defense will keep you in most games. Last night, they shot 3s pretty well, but we have seen they cannot count on that. For sure, they cannot continue to miss FTs down the stretch! (Did ole piss miss any FTs last night? A&M made most of theirs as well.)

I think the bottom line is that coach Muss has taken a group lacking some of what is needed to blow teams away and turned them into a decent team that no one wants to play. It is the type team that all of us hated to play.

Can they continue to win against the better teams? I have doubts, but I also would not bet against them.

Oh yes, J-Will is becoming an extremely good player with a big smile. I love that. JD seems to be playing “a little” more under control and has even passed the ball some (not always well). They would not be winning without him.


Agreed on all points Jim. My expectations for this team are modest, but they are being met. We just need to somehow squeeze our way into that Big Dance and keep the momentum going. My greatest fear during the losing streak, was that the team would fall apart, and some of our highly rated recruits would bail on us. That now seems unlikely. Next year is when we will be able to enjoy a prettier version of the game again.


I love what we’re doing on defense, offense is still work in progress IMO. I think the real test of how well we’re playing will be like you mentioned when we get to the real difficult part of our schedule in February. We have beaten the teams we should have here lately for sure, LSU was was an awesome win on the road but was without their starting point guard. I think as long as our defense continues to play at a high level we can be in the games against the conference elite but we will see when the time gets there… We have gotten our confidence back that is the main thing we had to get accomplished

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Yep confidence is there. 2 road wins shows that and we were the 1st to burst LSU’s little bubble.
It will be interesting against the likes of Auburn & KY who has a little more depth.

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We had a lot of doubts last year, and Muss got them together and they made a run. They could do it again.

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What Jwill and Wade are doing on offense is going to open things up and give Notae a license to roam freely. . . we saw some of that last night.

Our defense has been nothing short of incredible these last 5 games. Good defense is hard to watch and understand what is going on. I know I struggle with it. Ole Miss had no idea what to do with our defense last night and kept throwing up prayers because they couldn’t get a decent shot.


Nice thoughts.

Play hard always. Stay connected defensively. Keep improving on the decision making that leads to careless turnovers. Do those things and we will be just fine.

As for our 3 point shooting: Looks like our shot selection started improving 5-6 games ago. With our perimeter talent, it’s probably best for us to shoot less than 20 3’s a game. If all of the 3’s we do take are actually “good shots”, then we will likely make our fair share…… which, coupled with the things above, should result in making the NCAAT.

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I am very happy that J Will and Wade have become an offensive threats, I have been wanting JWill to do that forever and you are right it will definitely open up the offense for sure.
The three-point shooting will have to increase IMO as we go against the teams that have great interior defense and him being able to step out and shoot the three can be a huge advantage against those teams. It will pull those big guys outside and give us a chance to score around the basket easier


I’ve not understood, with J Will’s passing skills, why we don’t play inside out a bit more.

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Well I think we shoot the 3 so much is because we really don’t have anybody that is dominant inside to throw the ball into, someone that can score against an interior presence. I think it’s pretty much out of necessity that we keep passing the ball around the perimeter till we get an open shot. That’s why our defense has to continue to be incredibly good because it will allow us to get out in transition and score much easier baskets

With JWill on the perimeter, it opens driving lanes for JD and cutting lanes for Toney and others. They have to pay attention to him out there because he can hit the three.

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We beat LSU. We beat A&M. We haven’t beaten Auburn or Kentucky, but then they haven’t beaten us either.

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Will be vitally important against teams like Auburn and Kentucky who have huge interior defense guys. Love for J will to be able to hit two or three 3’s against them…

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I pretty much only watch the hogs for basketball, but have seen a few games while traveling for work within the past 2 weeks. It all looks ugly for road teams to me. It seems if your going to win on the road you better play great defense. What teams should I watch to see a great offensive college basketball team? I’ve watched parts of games with the following teams on the road in the past couple weeks without being impressed: Alabama, Auburn, Kentucky, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Illinois, Purdue and Arizona. Again, these teams were on the road when I watched.

Who do I need to watch to see a great college team this year? And what college teams play lights out on the road? I’m seriously asking because I haven’t seen a team that was like last years Baylor or last years Alabama last year. I’m guessing I should watch Auburn some more. Who else has impressed others.

This team has learned to do what it takes to win. We don’t shoot very well and we turn it over too much. But we defend well and rebound well, and frankly we were fortunate last night that Ole Miss missed so many open shots.

very tough on the road for sure but Auburn is very good bc they have great G’s that will blow by you and finish or will bury the 3,Big 6’10 Phenom Smith is incredibly smooth shooter but what makes them really good is the 7’1 Transfer Kessler who is very dominant inside and is a rim protector,saw him go for 16 pts 10 RB and 11 Blocks against LSU…He makes it really hard to score inside and is the main target for their Pick and Roll game.

Baylor is very good too,great G’s that can shoot and big 6’9 F that can really play and length inside to protect the basket.

Purdue IMO has a chance to win it as well bc of great shooting and the big 7’4 guy is a load.

Gonzaga is very good as always,not as good as last yr IMO but very well coached,pass the ball extremely well and hard nosed defense.

Muss, like last year early in the conference schedule, has the team’s full attention on what he wants and what he won’t accept. You perform his way and you play more and more. Otherwise, keep your warmup’s on. We keep the defense intense and rebounds coming, we will win our share.

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Agree. Unlike most, I thought last night was a very good SEC road win. I believe that Muss was very happy with how it unfolded.

In my opinion, it was a very well coached game. Great adjustments at half-time and the players executed the changes well in the 2nd half. In the last 8 minutes of the game, the win was never in doubt. The spread varied from 16 points to a low of 7 points, only after consecutive free throw misses.

We struggled offensively with OM’s 1-3-1 zone and with their half-court trapping defense late in the first half. We had, I believe 3 straight turnovers at one point. Thanks to Notae, we scored 5 points in the last 17 seconds to build back to an 8 point lead.

Our offensive spacing, which was the major halftime adjustment, was as good in the 2nd half as it’s been all season. OM’s 3 quarter press, 1-3-1 zone, and their half-court trapping in the 2nd half didn’t really hurt us due to the great spacing. Those coaching adjustments and the players execution made this a good solid SEC road win in a game when we weren’t at our best offensively.

To me, this year’s team is beginning to resemble the very good VA teams of the past few years. The defense is making up for some of this year’s offensive flaws (shooting and TOs). We continue working on those 2 things and we could be poised for another late season run!


I want to add passing the ball in the second half. good spacing and a lot of passes. it was good to see them pass around till they got an open shot.

On the flip side, there were times they didnt move the ball out of the top of the key area, and just burned clock. that was bad

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Huh? I think most thought it was a good road win. I know I did.