This Bama team

One huge difference between this year’s Bama team and Oates’s three previous teams is that this one plays solid defense and believes they can win even if threes are not falling.

Nice defense, a rim protector, experienced calm PG who makes sound decisions, three fabulous freshmen in Miller, Clowney and Bradley. This team may fall apart or get upset early but they have what it takes to go deep in NCAAs.

We got beat by a very good battle and road tested team without our top 2 players.


This Bama team is better than the 2020-2021 Baylor team that went 28-2 and won the national championship going away. Joe Kleine said so.

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Maybe he meant regular season :man_shrugging:
Don’t think they’re better than Duke with banchero either

And just like we were playing without our 5 star SG Nick Smith, Alabama was playing without their 5 star SG Nimari Burnett.

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Where will Bama be in March? Have they peaked?

One thing to note, they went on the road in December. Probably a good idea.

Not playing a true road game probably cost Hogs the LSU game, even with depleted lineup.

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I think they have peaked. Suspect they will have a 3 game dip soon and then work their way up again to the peak by the NCAAs.

BTW, in early games that I watched, Alabama looked even more potent offensively when Nimari Burnett played the SG instead of freshman Bradley. Bradley is really good and is a McDonalds AA, but Nimari is a better shooter.

Believe Nimari comes back in two weeks. Trying to work him back into the rotation may cause some disruption and a loss or two.

Easy now. @neastarkie won’t like that.

C’mon now


I get your point. It is not the same. Impact of not having Nick on Arkansas is far worse than Bama missing Burnett, .

They also aren’t that close in talent. Just describing them as fellow 5-stars indicates they are very close in value.

There’s quite a bit of difference in the number 1 player in the class vs. a player that was ranked number 39, 28 and 22 by the three services at the time. Add on top of that, he hasn’t been that effective when he has played.


Sure I will. Whatever he meant, he meant. I just know he (Kleine) knows more than you or me about basketball. That’s an opinion I’ve formed based upon the information I have. Just as the information I have tells me you’re an a**


A shame that a difference of opinion ends in name calling. I expected more from you. Others? Not so much. I thought you were above that.

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I can think of no better way to respond to your silly “@neastarkie” calling out that misrepresented everything I said. Besides, my opinion is based upon seeing years of your posts. Don’t want to be called one? Quit acting like one.


Glad you’ve found the gumption to have an opinion. I was beginning to have my doubts.

I’ve voiced opinions on this board hundreds of times. Thanks for providing corroboration for my opinion of you.

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I agree.


Neastarkie, the ignore button helps. Repeated idiocy becomes dulling and annoying.


Good suggestion. Think I’ll do that.

You can look at his last 2 avatars on this board and perhaps get a glimpse of his persona. At least as he perceives it. They have been the bully, bad guy character in the movie Karate Kid, and recently he changed it to a photo of Chris Beard. I’d say he perceives himself to be the “bad guy poster” of the HI message board.

He doesn’t do a great job living up to that persona, but he tries hard.


The internet - serious business

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