This Arkansas team

Has a chance to be special!!!

Winning all these games with not just physical toughness but mental toughness is amazing.

You can see the measure of a team when things don’t go right. This team has had multiple games where things didn’t go right and they still won.

I’m telling you guys, when this team puts everything together, they will be a scary good team.


Might be top 10 next week with Illinois and some others losing. Including Bama today.

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Lots of options on this team. Multiple different combinations available. To make deep tournament runs, you usually need elite talent or good depth with the ability to play multiple different ways. We certainly seem to have the latter. Of course, all great teams have toughness, and we have that when Toney is on the floor with any other four.

Cincinnati is very well coached. I’m guessing when March rolls around, this will prove to be a nice resume building win.


If we can do this with Mediocre half court O sets, we will be awesome when we figure it out.

You are being generous calling some of our half court play “ mediocre”. :flushed:

You are right, when these guys get the half court offense figured out (and you know, with these coaches, we are likely to significantly improve in this area), we will be really, really good.

Their biggest attribute is their big heart! They play 110% for 40 minutes it’s tough for the other team to keep up with that kind of tenacity…they eventually will break you


Umude could be a huge help for our half court offense but I don’t think he plays very good defense is why he’s not playing much

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When Muss takes someone out of the game it’s typically a defensive bust that is the catalyst.

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Yeah when everybody plays as hard as we do it’s easy to find a weak link… He’ll pick it up.I remember when Notate wasn’t very good at all on defense but now he’s our best defender.

Best defensive energy for 40 minutes that I’ve seen in awhile. I didn’t see a lapse. They missed some assignments, but shots were contested most trips down the floor. It was the offense that sputtered tonight, but a win is a win, so no sourness there. Getting the lead late, causing the opponent to foul to put us on the line, was a key to victory both nights. Lykes is going to be the guy we want on the floor in situations like that with two minutes to play.

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Muss has done a excellent job of picking up pieces here and there to put together a formidable team. We are so fortunate to have the like of Muss, Sam, Neighbors, Van Horn and the many other great coaches who are working hard to make the University of Arkansas a force in all sports! We have a lot to be thankful for this time of year and want to wish all the players coaches and fans a Happy Thanksgiving!! Go Hogs, WPS


What I like best about this team (besides the heart, toughness and willingness to be coached) is every game a different player steps up. If you’re the opposing team, there is not any specific player you need to shut down. Any of the players in the rotation have the capability to explode.
UA…Campus of Champions


I did not notice until this morning that the fouls and freethrows were so one-sided to Arkansas. As I watched the game I thought the officiating was fair, in fact if any team was doing “the banging” I would have said it was Cincy - and they had some big bodies.

In sum, the Hogs played tough for 40 minutes…amazing to think that they weren’t feeling well.

What o noticed and read was the flu bug is taking a toll on our hogs and they have several players playing sick! Notae played sick last night and I was critical of how many bricks he keep jacking up and missing So I’m eating some crow!

Yes it’s amazing we were able to play as hard as we did knowing that quite a few are not feeling well… we all know how that is, that will zap your strength very quickly,you lose your legs, and when you do that your shot is not going to be very accurate.

Youdamam it really hit home when I read it!

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The kids played with heart

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