This Afternoon's Loss is on Me

I joined the telecast with the Hogs batting with a three run lead (3-zip), runners on first and second, and Christian at bat. Obviously, Campbell was rolling. Then Christian swings at a high strike (er, ball) with the count full – and he’s out. Then, Opitz watches strike three and the top of the sixth is over…and as what unfolded, the game was over.

For the record, I can’t (and won’t) watch any part of the evening game…maybe we’ll win the backend as our ace lost is first game?

No, it wasn’t you, daBoar, it was me. I did the same thing, started watching when we were rolling 3-0, saw Isaiah strike out the first two batters in the next inning, then watched it go south from there. I’m not watching the second game, either.

It’s not your fault. Someone in the bullpen needs to gain some confidence and our hitters need to learn to lay off the pitch up!

That is amazing. That is exactly when I started listening to Phil Elson on the radio. Looks like we all contributed. Is that destiny?

You are all off the hook. My WiFi has been out last5 games and still not working.