This 5* kicker supposedly visited and we need him!

wow what an incredible leg!!

So many people make fun of the kickers…

Until they need a field goal, touch back, inside-the-five-yard-line punt and that kicker/punter they didn’t care about during recruiting can’t deliver.

These are underappreciated positions, and it boggles my mind the way professionals even talk about them.

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Extremely critical position on the team!

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Yeah they treat them like sideshow freaks then expect them to go out with three seconds left to win the game for you.

I never will forget how Adam Vinatieri ran down Herschel Walker on a kickoff return in his rookie year with the Pats. In fact here it is.

Haha, that is priceless.

That dude was not slow, great tackle also.

I’d completely forgotten Hershel had a second stint with the Cowboys.

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