This ‘24 4-star TE

will be here tomorrow


A very impressive offer list.

Kid must be pretty smart judging from the offer list. Stanford, Notre Dame and Northwestern can’t offer marginal academic cases.

Several ND graduates I know, you wouldn’t want as an assistant. A few are brilliant and good people and family. Stanford and ND both have beautiful campuses. Chicago and South Bend are cold, inhospitable and dangerous.

Chicago, only if you venture south of Roosevelt Blvd.

Chicago is a marvelous city to visit. Also, a city great to be leaving.

Northwestern isn’t in Chicago. It’s in Evanston. That’s like trashing Maumelle because of Little Rock’s crime rate.

Been there many times. Many friends and family still live in the area. I don’t like it in the winter. I prefer Indy to Chicago. If I were paying for a relative to attend as an undergraduate, of the three schools mentioned only ND would get a penny from me.

He and his parents arrive at 9:57 tonight.

They’ll visit tomorrow and leave tomorrow night.

His Twitter if you would like to follow - @cbentancur18

Just curious, Swine, have you ever driven from Nerdaven to Chicago? Much closer than Maumelle is to LR? Been there, done that.

I live in Maumelle and we’re a hop, skip and jump from LR.

About like Germantown into Memphis. In too many respects.

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