Third Year in a row that we've turned it around after Alabama

Don’t know what Coach B. says or how he does it, but in all three years the teams could have thrown it in and just gone through the motions after the 'Bama week. In spite of how tired and beat up these three teams have to have been, they have remained upbeat, determined to get better, and have made us proud. Hopefully the trend will continue for the remainder of this year. It has to take one heck of a coaching job for these turnarounds, and my hat is off to our staff for doing so. (Now if in future years such a turnaround won’t be necessary) Go HOGS, beat Auburn (and we’ll worry about the following games as they come up.)

from my post on another thread
Oct 22 at AU
Open Date
Nov 5 UF I am not that impressed with UF.
Nov 12 LSU I am scared of LSU as they continue to get better
Nov 19 at MSU Win
Nov 25 at Mizz Win

I think we have a tough time with AU. I think AU will play hard for Gussiah because of his emotions about Ark. They are going to use the same speed OM used against us to catch our defense in pre snap alignment. AU doesn’t have a Kelly, Hurts, or Knight. AU doesn’t have WR’s like OM, A&M, or Bama. AU doesn’t have an Oline like A&M, Bama, or OM. AU doesn’t have a defense like Bama or A&M, but they do have a very good Dline.

UF is not looking as good as the hype early in the season. Del Rio is not that good and their offense suffers. UF has a good defense but NOwhere near Bama’s which we scored 30 points on.

Orgeron is capable of hyping LSU into a good season in spite of weak QB play. Etling has been able to survive and grow into the offense slowly, so he is also gaining confidence. How many new tweaks of the offense can be installed before our game?