Third vacation wrapping up

Packing for trip home tomorrow. Jean Ann and I have had a marvelous trip across the heartlands. Fished this morning on Yellow Breeches behind Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs, PA. Caught my share of brown and rainbow trout. Nothing big. But again my share. Several wanted my Arkansas tailwater midges this morning because they were fooling nice trout when others struggled. I was happy to give them away.

It’s been a great trip. Good food in nice places including two meals in Carlisle the last two nights. We will dine at Allenberry tonight and launch at sunrise tomorrow.

Jean Ann is at the pool for a great finish. It’s sunny and 82, exactly what you want this time of year. We know heat and humidity await us in Norfork.

My afternoon was a joyful read of Kevin Brown’s The Hero Effect. I encourage everyone to read his inspiring and encouraging book. It was given to me by one of my heroes, writer and speaker David Cottrell, as I left him in Boerne, Texas to conclude my first vacation of summer.

Here are some photos from last two days of fishing.

You will enjoy seeing my guide, Eric Naguski, at Big Spring retrieve four of his flies from the same bush on Saturday’s trip to the famous Big Spring.

Eric encouraged me to keep trying to flip my cress bug imitation under that limb because there was a 20-inch wild rainbow under it.

We intentionally broke off the line each time instead of wading to the fly so as not to spook the biggest fish in that creek. We got them back at end of day.

That stray limb no longer exists. Not supposed to change the environment but that limb isn’t going to grab another fly.

Caught fish both days but far more today when I fished my midges unguided. Eric encouraged me to try my midges yesterday but I kept with cress bug imitations when he showed me what the trout eat at Big Spring.

I still have a September elk hunt left. Gotta get in better shape for places Jim is going to take me.


Love the pictures. Great weather and beautiful natural surroundings.

“I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms.” Henry David Thoreau.
“Gather ye rosebuds while you may.” Carpe diem. From the great movie ‘Dead Poet Society’, one of Robin Williams best.

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You look content and happy, Clay. To quote The Eagles, a “Peaceful Easy Feeling.”

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Beautiful, Clay. I know it was a vacation but hope you left your card there as you could be selling some fly’s!

Allenberry is a good place to relax. Third time been there. Will go back.

Funny story: I was catching trout right behind the resort yesterday when three kayakers paddled past. As I played a trout to hand, a lady said, “You are in the area with the world’s best fly fishing.”

I couldn’t take it cause it’s not close to being true. They have mediocre fly fishing in the Carlisle area.

So I said, “My friend, the best is not here, but In Alaska. And where, I’m from we not only have better fly fishing - by a wide margin - but we also have better football as the last game of last season proved. I’m from Arkansas.”

The three kayakers fell silent for about 50 yards. I believe they thought I was out of ear shot when the man in the group told his two friends, “Of course, he was right.”


Perfect, Clay, perfect.

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A modern day sovereign man.

Clay, you never did say whether or not you caught that rainbow or just the limb.:slightly_smiling_face:

I caught some rainbows. Not that one.

It’s not about catching fish. It helps to catch some. But I’m to the point that it’s just as fun to stalk a spooky trout and for it to win.

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Those cress bugs in your pic look like big sow bugs. Did you use your Norfolk River sow/scud flies or a local version?
I’m not very good any more trying to match the hatch, so I rely on those little crustaceans.
Glad to see you are taking full advantage of your retirement and fishing new streams.

I know what you mean. When I go deer hunting, I’m just as content to hit the woods armed only with a camera.

They did not look like my Norfork sow bugs. Much wider. Bigger. But your point is well taken. I thought about them and showed my guide my boxes. He much preferred my midges and took some root beer midges in 16, 18 and 20 sizes. He has several good places he wants to try them and not just in Pennsylvania. I did fish them several years with great success at Spring Creek near State College. I took 26-inch browns and rainbows in that river, in the same spot that Jimmy Carter fished. It was on the sheep farm area, private water that my State College guide friend Lance Wilt took me.

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