Third tier tailgating by BigBoomer

seems to be his focus on tiering everything

Sooner fans are po’d even though they are known to schuck at tailgating

This lacks credibility. No way in hell Bama is fourth tier. It has awesome tailgating.


I’d rate Rutgers higher than 4th rate myself. We attended the Hog/Rutgers game several years ago. I was impressed the number of folks tailgating.

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This guy has figured out how to get attention (along with many in the media): put out worthless, uninformed rankings during the cfb offseason.


Having lived in Ann Arbor for 7 years, I promise that they are way way waaaaaaaaayyyyy overrated here. They have virtually no tailgating.


Right, but Bamas is professionalized and largely consolidated to the Quad. Quad tents and spaces are rented; it’s all about the money. Areas like where we, the Webhogs, tailgated are closed off.

I agree to an extent, but maybe they are rating the quality and skill (tents with TVs and generators, customized RVs, grills on wheels). You know, all that extra stuff that takes time and big bucks and means you plan to spend a long time. Definitely quality over quantity. But lots of quality plus quantity probably is the absolute tier 1.

There is no way Texas A&M is 2nd tier tailgating. I’ve been to College Station for a game their tailgating is average at best.

Heard The Boomer guy lives in Wally Hall’s basement.

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