Third straight game...

Giving up nearly 50 points. With our poor offense, we are not going to beat anyone until our defense gets better. Yes I know our offense is horrific but our defense is worse. At least we are hitting free throws. When Gabe is playing better than anyone else, you know we are in trouble.

Statistically you’re wrong.

Not over the last 3 games. Stastistics are skewed toward weaker non conference opponents

No, I’m talking about SEC play as well. Tennessee was the only SEC game where we just got blitzed defensively.

I guess giving up 54 against LSU in first half is not getting blitz. Well if that’s ok with you but we are not gonna win any conference games giving up 50 points in first half.

I don’t think general watches the same games we do!

And gave up 13 in OT.

That’s a half, I’m talking about an entire game.

Oh I do mr. passive aggressive. I’m just a numbers guy and the stats say different than what some of you say.

Well statistics can lie except for one, wins and losses. Digging ourselves a hole every game by halftime isn’t going to help with the wins.

And the numbers say that we’ve been bad defensively for three straight games.

That I agree with.


Well General, one thing I admire in you my friend is your passion for the Hawgs. If our team played with one quarter of your passion, we might be undefeated. I have to admit my passion is declining with every loss.

I love the game and my team too much to not care. To clarify, I’ll be angry for about an hour, I’ll cool down and go on about my day. A loss isn’t going to ruin my 3 day weekend. But if I still lived in Springdale, I’d be at every home game.

Still kinda? Here you go numbers guy… … -20190123/