Third qtr long pass to Morgan?

What was the call on the long bomb that Morgan caught and fumbled at the goal line? The defender hit him in the face to get a penalty. It looked like the ball went to the right of the goal line. Why didn’t we get the ball at the 1 yd line and refuse the penalty?

Officials said ball went through the back of the end zone for a touchback. Instead, took the penalty and kept the ball.

Agree with this and surprised it wasn’t reviewed

I was at the game and thought he fumbled to the right of the pylon. I only saw the play once, but at a minimum should have been reviewed.

It looked to me like the ball went out of bounds at about the 2 yard line. Even though it ended up in end zone, how is fumbling a ball out of bounds a touchback? Or, am I mistaken about the ball going out of bounds?

The ruling on the field was he fumbled out of the end zone. CBB said Drew told him he had hit the pylon with the ball in possession, but video did not support that. CBB didn’t want to waste a challenge when his people upstairs did not give him reason to challenge it. I thought he fumbled it out of bounds, but could not tell if it was in the field of play or if it hit the pylon and went out. The first scenario would have been best for the Hogs, but the officials ruled it to be the second.


It appeared to me too that the ball bounced out of bounds. Once out of bounds, like any football, it bounces crazy and entered and went through the EZ. I was greatly surprised it was never challenged by either CBB or the Replay Official. It was killer.

Then that was a big coaching mistake. It appeared to not be a touchback and was the biggest play of the game. Why save a challenge when that TD would have gone a long way to finishing them off? That makes no sense.

Had wished he had challenged it, but I think he would have lost it. And not having been in the stadium, I’m not sure how many looks he personally got on the video screen.

It was pretty clear that it wasn’t a touchback but I agree he may have lost it. But, regardless, he should have tried. That was a complete game changer with a decent chance at reversal.

He has coaches in the box who can see replays and have to be in his ear.

Not to sound argumentative because I agree with you, but CBB said his coaches upstairs did not have a good look at it and did not advise him to challenge.

I don’t know how they didn’t. They have the TV feed, typically, and it looked more likely from those views that the ball wenr out of bounds prior to reaching the pylon.

I have no confidence they would get it right (they completely botched the targeting call) but your reward is so much higher than your risk on that challenge.

It appeared to me that the ball had crossed the goal line without hitting the pylon, then bounded out of bounds and then back into and through the end zone.

I believe our only challenge was used unsuccessfully prior to that. Can’t recall precisely which play, but think it was first quarter.

I was at the game. They showed the replay once and it was apparent to me it went out to the right of the pylon. Everyone was confused so I may have missed another time, but they showed it.

It was definitely worth a challenge IF WE STILL HAD ONE. That part I don’t know.

I was at BWA watching on the big screen. Two things stood out : One, Drew clearly lost control before he hit the pylon, and two, I thought the call was correct, that it went out in the end zone for a touchback.
I don’t know if Drew will get a chance in the NFL, but if not, that’s one crappy way for your football career to end.

I was literally screaming at the TV to challenge it.

I am not sure it would have been overturned…but the officials must have felt like the ball crossed the plane of the goal line. It sure didn’t look like it did to me. It looked like it never crossed the plane of the endzone…and there is no question it landed out of bounds. It left Morgan’s hands and landed out of bounds.

It looked to me like we should have been given the ball at the 2.

It was a game changer.

But not a program changer like some seem to feel. There is a difference between 7-6 and 8-5. But not an enormous one. Not one that changes the program trajectory.

But it sure would feel alot better today if we had finished 8-5.