Third downs

I know we are 4-0 and I am ecstatic. And I am a very positive, optimistic person generally. But we seem to be having a problem on third down conversions. We are 3-11, 5-11, 7-15 and 3-13 for Rice, UT, GSU and A&M respectively. Is this a problem? Can it be blamed on we are early in the season and execution in this regard will improve as the line/team get more game time reps?

I haven’t analyzed the date but would guess 3rd and long (beyond 5 yrds) we are pretty bad. Has to be an area we focus on and improve or more importantly, not getting in those 3rd and long situations.

The secret has been defense and the kicking game and hitting big plays.

I will say that they have not faced many third downs in TD marches.

You make a good point.

They are not committing turnovers and when you don’t put your defense in a bad spot that’s important.

This team is playing well on defense and special teams.


Well IMO its bc we have not shown a good quick hitting Pass game ,slants,swing screens,pick routes, TE down the middle etc.a lot of our routes are further down the field and much tougher to complete a high % of those…I would have to go back and look what the down and distance was on the 3rd downs? did we run on 1st and 2nd down when the defense was expecting that? their can be several variables that are the cause for the low %.

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When you are scoring and are capable of a big play to score from 50 plus yards this may not be as important.
When push came to shove in the A&M game when the hogs needed a First down to kill the clock we got it. The 4th down conversions or lack of is more concerning to me right now! There’s the 2 so far this season that I think of most.

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