Third assistant coach in college baseball voted down

Blame the Big 12 and Big Ten for this one.

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What a joke! Alabama can have as many consultants as they want in football so why not pay those coaches as consultants?

It’s just being cheap. But as Aaron Fitt points out in the linked column, nothing says you HAVE to hire a third coach. Just says you can hire one. The ones that don’t can still send the volunteer assistant out on the road recruiting, which is valuable experience for when he does become a full-time assistant coach.

But since it was voted down, the “volunteer” assistant coach cannot recruit. Our friends, the fighting uteri voted no. So I guess they are not really a baseball school.

Fallopians are all about the Benjamins, I guess.

According to Kendall Rogers at D1 Baseball, who checked with the NCAA folks, the third-coach proposal for baseball and softball cannot be brought back up for a vote again until 2022.