Thinking out loud...

First, this isn’t some apologist post about last night or our year ahead. I’m as upset as anyone.

Mulling over some of the posts about CCM (and I agree with a lot), it made me wonder what the atmosphere would have been like in Coach Broyles’ first season when we lost our first six games. Granted, none were to CSU, but we started 0-6 under him.

We know how things turned out under his tenure. In fact, beyond on the field coaching he brought to us Lou Holtz, Ken Hatfield (ok Jack Crowe), Danny Ford (who positioned us for the SEC despite some shortcomings).

Of course John White’s committee gave us Houston Nutt who I’ll acknowledge produced decent results even though I was not a fan personally. Then we get Petrino, that aberration season of JLS, the failed Big 10 Experiment, and here we are.

Things may have ended differently for Coach Broyles had we been in the age of social media and 24/7 coverage. Had that been the case, who’s to say what sort of coaches we would have had in the aftermath. That’s not a bad roster. Throw in Eddie Sutton, Nolan Richardson, John McDonnell, Norm DeBryin, Dave Van Horn and it gets stronger.

My mood used to rise and fall based on Razorback football results for a week at a time. Life has a way of re-prioritizing things for us, and mine has been. We will need to help each other as we collectively hold our noses this year and probably next, but we’ll eventually get back to celebrating, and in the meantime, I bet all of us have blessings to count that outweigh last night’s debacle.

Here’s to ya - and SOOOIE!