Thinking of trying to come up for one or more of the UGA

games. Any guess on the likelihood of getting tickets ? (I don’t mind paying a little extra, but don’t want to go enough to pay Stubhub prices of $100 + per ticket). I hate to make the trip and not go to a game.

Honestly who knows?
There is a possibility they will open up more tickets in May.

I have seen a few available for most games

I had one extra myself yesterday and had no takers

A lot depends on weather
Usually some available outside stadium if weather is bad/cold

Do you have an extra one today? I’ll buy it.

No the wife is going today.
Too cold for her yesterday

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Toward the end of the month, tickets should be made available for the games in May. If you are a Razorback Foundation member or season-ticket holder you will get an exclusive 24-hour window to buy tickets, then they will be on sale for everyone else the following day.

If seating stays the same as April, there will be roughly 2,500 tickets per game come available, but I’m guessing the capacity will increase again in May, which will make the availability higher than that figure.

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