Thinking of Clay Tonight

We should all know how that Clay loves line play and the big boys up front.

Can’t wait for the first 10 articles!

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I think youdaman is also pretty happy right now

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Should be fun.

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I’ve been a fan of Sam Pittman for a long time! He is an incredible recruiter and I am quite sure he’s going to surround himself with incredible recruiters.
I don’t know how this will turn out,but if anybody can do it Sam Pittman can.He is that well-respected across the country by all accounts I know Kirby smart is extremely sad to see him go

Clay- How was CSM perceived among media members when he was here last?
Good interview?
Open access?

I think Sam Pittman brings leadership. I believe your first article on the coaching search was about leadership. True leaders have true followers. Based on the former players reaction, he know s how to lead young men.

Pittman was also a go-to interview because he told it like it was. Something quirky is that he typically did his interviews in his socks. I called him “Shoeless Sam.”

The assistant coach does not set access, so it’s difficult to say what that will be like just yet.

From all indications Sam had a strong desire to be our HC. And we’re the first to give him a chance to be the head guy. That to me is a big, big plus.

Just talked to my big brother in Fayetteville. He’s all in and I’m all in.
Welcome Sam Pittman. Glad to have you back in the family.

It’s all about the staff he’s able to put together.

Staff hiring will be the big test to see how successful of a hire he will be and hopefully he has a great strength coach in his rolladex (look it up, you kids!).

I generally grabbed a chair and sat with Sam when he did his interviews. I’d listen and wait for others to be done. Then we’d talk for a few minutes. Always interesting.

Clay is not alone in that philosophy.

No Clay is not alone. I love line play because that is where games are won and lost, and the SEC is a LOS league. Without that, you have nothing. Well, I guess you have 2-10. No QB can do much from the prone position! We have see that for years - well since Pitman left.


I have learned to watch the o-line when watching a game. It really allows you to see plays develop. I learned that from some of Clay’s commentary.

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