Thinking ahead…

I think many (if not most) of us believe Hornsby will hit the portal after the season is over. I wonder if Jacolby Criswell will do the same. Jacolby is from Morrilton and is a redshirt sophomore at North Carolina. He was beaten out this year by a redshirt freshman for the starting job. Jacolby has only thrown 30 passes in the 3 years in NC. We offered but it seems we didn’t make him a priority. Anyway he could be set up for a starting job after next year here. Just been on my mind. I think we’ll hit the portal for a QB in the off season. Hurts that Renfro hurt his knee again.

There will be a lot of transfer QBs. I also bet A&M has some good players bail on Jimbo. He may think he’s holding the cards with that buyout. Players may show him who has the leverage.


I expect a max exodus at aTm after all the shenanigans & drama going on down there.
Some of those exiting might be pre madonnas type too.

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