Thinking about great recruiters on Razorback staffs present and past....................

…like Sam Pittman who jump started Bielema’s program with some great O-line recruits until he mentally left when Chaney was fired and physically left the next year when Georgia offered him a reunion with Chaney. The first 2-3 years, he was the best O-line recruiter that I can remember on any Hog staff.

I think we have the best defensive end recruiter in Hog History right now back on our staff today in Steve Caldwell. He recruited some great defensive ends before like Flowers and Wise who both ended up with the Patriots and he appears to be doing it again in his first year back On The Hill with this class.

Chavis may be the best recruiting defensive coordinator in Hog History as well. Many of these top defensive recruits this year mention him when talking about “why Arkansas.” Much of the upturn in defensive recruiting has to be to his credit.

David Lee recruited some great receivers for Bobby Petrino that might equal this years class. Gragg, Childs, Wright, D.J. Williams, and Joe Adams all ended up in the pros. (The fact all four were in state kids might have made that recruiting easier than this years.) This years group may, on paper, be even better with four 4* receivers and a 4/5* tight end. Stepp, Craddock, and Morris may top Lee’s group to be the best receiver recruiters ever On The Hill. Wright and Adams impact as kick returners may be one place this years bunch falls short but getting lots of big and fast receivers instead may be a good swap.

Not much to talk about this time of year so I thought I would throw this out for discussion.

Coaches Kenny Hatfield and Houston Nutt builted their staffs with coaching friends, instead of having some great recruiters on staff. I think this is what lead to their downfall at Arkansas.

There are several coaches on the present staff who can recruit very well.

Nutt should have kept Jim Washburn - absolute beast in East Texas l

I would also add that Barry Lunney Jr. has become an elite recruiter.

Barry has done well in-state with Arkansas having an unprecedented string of great tight ends during his time On The Hill. D.J. Williams, Chris Gragg, Hunter Henry, and, now, Hudson Henry is not a normal group of Arkansas high school tight end recruits. I would like to see Barry recruit some great out of state tight ends before I consider him a great recruiter.

These guys should at least be in the conversation

DC Jimmy Johnson

DC Monte Kiffin

Barry Switzer

Fitz Hill

Charlie Partridge

Tim Horton

Michael Smith

Barry Lunney, Jr.

I agree and I don’t think Nutt even consider Washburn for a position on his staff. Washburn did have some trouble when he accuse another team of dirty play against his son.

Barry Switzer, were you even born when Barry was on the Arkansas staff. Was it 1965 when Barry left to join the Okla staff.

Whoever handled in state recruiting for Nutt must have been good. In 10 years, the only in state recruit (that they really wanted) that I remember was the RB from Wynne.

I believe it was Tim Horton that secured the likes of Gragg, Wright etc. for Petrino as he was the one covering the State of Arkansas at that time. I think he was the one that held it together when there was a coaching change after Nutt. Might be wrong on that but feels like it was him.

Yes, and I tend to do a lot of research, especially when it comes to recruiting.

While Coach Petrino gets full credit for flipping Joe Adams, Tim Horton was instrumental in landing the rest of that class.

I also have to give quarterback signee Jim Youngblood a lot of credit for holding the class together as well.

Horton replaced Danny Nutt who had to quit due to health reasons.

I assume Danny handled in state recruiting during most of Houston Nutt’s tenure. Whoever handled it did a heck of a job. It hasn’t been the same since.

Come on…He can recruit and let’s hope he stays.

Cedric Houston from Clarendon and several players from Warren went to Tennessee. All were coveted by the Hogs.

They also screwed up not offering Tyrell Johnson ( Rison) and Kevin Williams ( Fordyce) who went to ASU and OK St. respectively and played in the NFL. Williams was a stud.

Agree fully.

Do you think Alvin’s character issues clouded their thinking back then on Tyrell? I always heard he was a good kid.

Jim Washburn

No, I don’t think that had anything to do with it.

I think they just misevaluated…clearly.

The best coach I’ve seen in action recruiting was Michael Smith. (not that I’ve witness a lot). Michael impressed me greatly at the Catfish Hole. He knew everyone in the room and the recruits and parents were very comfortable with him.