Think we see

A lineup, shakeup?

Martin has flat out been bad for the past month, can’t have him killing us at the 2 hole as an automatic out. Idk what his problem is, me personally I don’t think he’s watchingthe ball, if you watch his ABs on slow mo, his head is always cheating toward left field and his eyes aren’t in the zone.

Either way, he needs to be moved down and something changed.

Need a sac fly from your best player and we couldn’t even touch the ball with 2 of our better hitters. Had 2 opportunities for it as well yesterday.

I’d like to see it shaken up some, especially if Martin is going to continue to be a non factor.

I disagree. You ride the horse that got you here. Martin is one of those horses. If you lose, then so be it, but I wouldn’t be second guessing my better players at this point. Trust them to do what they have been trained to do. FSU made several incredibly good fielding plays to win this game. Holding them to only one run should have been enough. But, it wasn’t and you have to give FSU credit for getting it done when we didn’t.

Then it ride but use the bunt! The hogs gave FSU that run with HBP and the Hollywood tag play! So there credit is for the catch in left field early in the game! Nothing else!

I agree with that to an extent, there always comes a point where a change needs to be made. He has been almost a guaranteed out for the past month. There comes a point where you have to think about what’s best for the team, IMO, and if that’s swapping him and kenley in the lineup or something, then so be it. Maybe it’ll wake him up. But he’s hitting .285 and probably 4 for his last 35 or so, idk the exact numbers. It’s hurting and we are running out of one for him to break it, when we thought he did, he went right back into it.

He’s our best player, but even your best player can cripple you.

I’d say that double play in the bottom of the 3rd was pretty good fielding too. Maybe Franklin helped them a bit by running from 3rd base too far too soon, but that was a good play after the catch of the line drive. Otherwise, we still had a chance with runners on 2nd & 3rd with two outs.

When you lose a 1-run game, especially with a 1-0 score, it’s easy point to several key moments when the outcome could have been reversed. We out hit them, but couldn’t get the timely hit. The balls we hit tended to be right at people. And some of those were really well hit balls.

I get tired of hearing about all the things DVH should have done. It’s always easy to know what should have been done when what you did didn’t work. I also dislike criticizing players for “dumb” mistakes. Yeah, Franklin was too far off, but the play by the 2nd baseman was great. Yeah, Martin is having some terrible AB’s, but I know of no player at any level who doesn’t experience something like that. Sometimes, the other pitcher is just throwing great. That’s happened to us twice in a row at the CWS, but let’s face it, when you get to Omaha, they’re all good teams & any of them can win or lose depending on which way luck falls.

We had bad breaks last night & unfortunately the way the tournament is set up, it will be very hard for us to win it now. Still, we can win Monday & then maybe again on Wednesday. If we can do that, it’s still going to be hard to win twice more against either Mich or FSU in the bracket finals. But we got to Omaha in back to back years. I’m sure we’ll be back again soon if not next year. We have a great program and a great coach. Poor Mike Martin, riding pretty high right now, but he’s gone 40 years with a great program & still hasn’t won the prize. He probably won’t this year. Baseball ain’t fair.

I don’t know what game y’all watched, we did not out hit them. You can’t count balls that weren’t hits as hits.

Both teams had 5 hits, but the had the timely hit, we missed on twice. That was the hit that counted and why they hit better than us. It’s all about the timely hits. (Or sac flys)

I don’t ever criticize DVH, I don’t know the game like him and I sang a ure don’t think my opinion is right over his.

I’m just asking if anyone thinks we see a lineup shakeup. The argument that Martin got us here, isn’t valid. He got us. National seed, but ezell, kenley, and Goodheart got us to Omaha.

When your BA is around .100 over the last month, nothing is out of question for me. It’s the biggest stage and sometimes you have to reach on things to try and win, and we don’t have all the time in the world to wait or hope he gets out of this mega slump. That’s just the way I see it. Mostly because he’s not even getting good ABs, they are horrible and look horrible, it’s be a different story if they were solid ABs, but he’s getting behind almost every time, and swinging at trash. He’s the best in the team, but the best players are also expected to help their team in the biggest stage.

I don’t see DVH changing the lineup,he is very loyal to his players and always sees the next game as a breakout game for a player of Martin’s ability.I think Martin’s biggest weakness is he doesn’t recognize how pitchers are going to pitch him,like yesterday he should have been all the way up in the front of the box and waiting on offspeed pitch b/c that is what the guy got him out on EVERY time yet he continued to to be way out in front of it and not be able to put the ball in play.The Great hitters always are able to determine what to look for if they are watching the game at all.He had plenty of company b/c that guy made us look foolish with offspeed stuff and this is not the first time we have had this problem.He had over a 5 ERA coming in so he had been hit hard plenty of times I know Louisville had 9 hit and 10 runs on him in the 1st inning!! and they have a lot of LH hitters like we do.We just had a very poor appraoch/adjustmensts to him and got schooled plain and simple.

A turnaround from this point forward has to be from the players and not the coaches… players have to challenge teammates to man up and play ball. We’re about to see the player leadership or lack thereof and will set the foundation for not only this club but 2020. If you haven’t scored in 22 innings in the CWS and lose 1-0, there’s no one to blame on the coaching staff that got you here in the first place scoring nearly 9 runs per game in a league that has a dozen pitchers better than FL. St or TX Tech.