Think we’ll ever play defense?

How many years will not guard the 3?

Mike just can’t get it done.

Florida tonight:

28-53 FG
13-25 on 3
19-22 FT

The one player I most want Mike to recruit to UA: the lock-down, bulldog defensive guard who can take a team’s leading outside scorer or primary ball handler disappear. We all know the type, and I’m not talking about a kid who is a step slow, walks on, and somehow gets playing time. I’m talking a street baller who is faster than anyone on our current roster, plays with a chip on their shoulder, and is not a liability on offense.

Corey Beck.
Truck Bowers.
Clint McDaniel.

Three that come to mind.

We seem to be short a guard as it is, and Beard’s injury made that more obvious tonight.