Think Vandy should be #1 in baseball

Jack Leiter just pitched a no hitter. I don’t think anyone has a better 1, 2 punch in college baseball than Rocker and Leiter. Almost a guarantee to win at least 2 out of 3 in SEC games.

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Leiter walked the lead off batter in the 1st, then retired the next 27 straight! 16 K’s. Wow!

No doubt who will be SEC pitcher of the week.

From what I’ve watched Vandy will be #1 and MSU will be #2. Both those teams look really really good.

I have always thought they were because of that 1,2 punch… And they are hitting over 300 as a team… No weakness… Now if we decide to start Wiggins and Palette gets back in form we might could hang with them provided we start hitting

damn good closer, most enthusiasm for any team this winter which attracted lots of MLB players per usual to work out with Tim and his guys. Definitely should be #1 and probably should have when we were because of who we got to play. As much as I had heard about how great this DVH team was gonna be and will be with his recruiting the same and better goes for Vandy. I cant lose this year

That’s fine with me. I would just as soon that the Hogs are ranked in the top 5, but not #1. The number one seed in the tournament almost never wins.

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I don’t care where we are ranked now. Just host the regionals and make the trip to Omaha. All good.

I think we looked like a top 5 team tonight. Last night we didn’t look like top 100. Win the series tomorrow, it’s all good.

Florida already swept A&M so Vandy will have to win tomorrow just to keep pace in the SEC East standings. UK, OM and Moo U are also going for sweeps tomorrow.

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I agree,loved how we battled against a guy with flat out nasty stuff, if we can hit him we should be able to hit anybody but tough LH with 1+ ERA today so I’m preparing to see lots of swings and misses on the offspeed stuff but tonight we had some great AB against a really good arm and Zeb never gave them a chance,Great night!

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