Think offensive line will get better, but................

…I am not sure about the poor tackling. The waving at them as they ran by tackle attempts are very discouraging.

As the offensive line gradually improves and the quality of the opposition gradually drops, I think Austin will have more time to do his thing. The most encouraging thing I saw Saturday was that, when he had time, Austin shredded Bama’s secondary with his passing. Those moments were few and far between but they were there. If he can survive until things settle down, we can finish strong as an offense. It looks like we will need that desperately because I am less optimistic about the defense. Go Hogs.

The O-line is going through some growing pains. But with those pains the offense, they’ve pit up impressive numbers against probably the best two defenses in the SEC. You hope they continue to progress this season.

The O-line will be a strength of the team next year. No doubt.

I think so, too. I’m also trying to console myself about our troubles having much to do with the quality of the opposition. I can’t imagine two better defenses than those we’ve just seen. My biggest worry now is how an already weak defense will fare without Dre Greenlaw against the likes of Chad Kelly and those insufferable people from Oxford

I’m beginning to wonder if the OL and the D can improve enough to make a difference. We’ve got four tough SEC games coming up and I don’t have a lot of confidence AA, on his own, will be enough to come out with a W in any of them. He needs more than just good WR. MsSt and Missouri on the road, the way we’ve played all season doesn’t give me a great deal of comfort projecting a win against either of those.

I guess I just don’t get the optimism regarding a sudden turn around. About anything you can talk about except AA begins with an IF and each one is a big arsed if.

There are some things that can be improved, tackling and position within a called defensive alignment are two things. But will it be enough. And I’ll guarantee that anyone with speed is going to wear us out running wide.

The Razorbacks haven’t played well consistently, in any game this year. Texas State doesn’t count.

I don’t believe as a coach you can continue to allow your LG (Froholt) to continue to make the same mistakes each week and not try someone else like Zach Rogers, Jalen Merrick or Colton Jackson whom have all been playing offensive line in this system for a couple of seasons.
Froholt, may eventually be an outstanding addition to the O-Line, but the fact that he has had very little experience thus far is causing him to make block assignment errors every Saturday and therefore putting the offense off schedule and behind the chains.
When I read today that the coach says Froholt is our best option at LG, then I’m left to wonder why none of these other guys have developed enough through 2 years of coaching to be worthy of an opportunity to plug that hole and keep our QB upright.
It’s very frustrating to watch each week and scary to think about what the future holds since we will lose Skipper and Ragnow at the end of this season. Especially, since we haven’t had much success with landing anything more than at best 3 Star Offensive Linemen and JUCO Transfers, not what most fans thought when Brett Bielima brought his brand of football to the Ozarks.

I always hope for the best and root for my Hogs til the end of each game every
season. GO HOGS!

The O-line is going through some growing pains. But with those pains the offense, they’ve pit up impressive numbers against probably the best two defenses in the SEC. You hope they continue to progress this season.

The O-line will be a strength of the team next year. No doubt.

So the O-line will go from being a major problem area to a strength? PUT DOWN THE KOOK AID!

So the O-line will go from being a major problem area to a strength? PUT DOWN THE KOOK AID!

I worry more about the O-line than I do the tackling - although both obviously need to improve.

They have tackled better this season, but I am not sure the O-line has shown its mettle against a worthy foe.

Next year’s OL will be interesting.

You lose Skipper, so that means Colton Jackson and Brian Wallace are the likely tackles.

Ragnow will probably be back, so pencil him in at C.

Obviously Hjalte has struggled, but the staff appears set on him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jake Heinrich pushes for one of the G spots as a redshirt freshman. They really like him. Jake Raulerson’s issues haven’t been as pronounced, but size/strength have been an issue for him. I wouldn’t be shocked if Heinrich pushed for the RG spot.

Where does Zach Rogers figure in, if at all? His best shot at playing time may be after Frank graduates, trying to win the C job.

Does the light come on for Merrick. That’s the thing with most of these guys. Merrick, Jackson, Wallace, Froholdt are all so young. They’ll get better. How much?

Do Paul Ramirez, Deion Malone or Johnny Gibson put themselves in the mix?

Lot of questions. You’d think they’d be better just based off experience and being a year older, but Jackson will need to improve substantially in that time to be an adequate SEC OT. Obviously he’s at guard now.

Before the season, I said one of my main questions for the defense was whether the safety issues we saw last year were more the result of inexperience or a lack of talent. Early returns haven’t been encouraging. Thought it was interesting Bret made it a point today to say he’s selling safety recruits about their needs for depth and talent there.

Any explanation why this now an emphasis and not last year? We signed only one corner and two safeties last year. Seems woefully low.

At least they have one guy coming who looks like the real deal at S - Ashdown star and US Army All-American Montaric Brown.

But they need more to sign up or develop.

I think it was an emphasis last season, but they just didn’t get it done.

Would have been interesting to see what Britto Tutt and Kevin Richardson could have done to improve the secondary, but alas injuries took them out

Saw Putu get some run for UF the other day as well. Bummer.

It really does. They tried to get a few big-name guys late, including one CB from Louisiana. Thought they had the JUCO kid who went to Florida. I wrote about their lack of CB numbers in the 2016 class and how they were addressing it in this current class back in August, but probably should’ve looked at S too.

Josh Liddell - Jr.
Santos Ramirez - So.
De’Andre Coley - Jr.

Only three that are trustworthy on the roster. All three have flaws and you’d like them to be farther along. The main thing that jumps out to me (OK, after the terrible tackling) is the lack of a playmaker. Been a while since Arkansas has had a great, playmaking safety. That can elevate a defense. This defense appears to have very average safeties. Coley forced two fumbles Saturday and is a good hitter. Maybe he continues to develop there.

Nate Dalton - R-Fr.
Deon Edwards - Fr.

Not there yet. Edwards is redshirting.

Montaric Brown (6-0, 175, 4 star)
Derrick Munson (6-0, 200, 3 star)

Commits from these two. Brown appears to be a very good player, maybe even someone who could help quickly.

J’marick Woods (6-4, 205, 4 star)

Michigan commit. Visited, so that’s a plus, but wouldn’t necessarily get hopes up. A class with him, Brown and Munson would have to be considered an A.

On the CB front, everyone I know from Jenks says Jordon Curtis is the real deal. Jarques McClellion is intriguing. Will be interested to see if those two provide a speed upgrade over what’s on campus.

Chevin Calloway is another target at CB. He is very highly ranked and appears legitimately interested.

Obviously the staff knows the secondary needs to be addressed in recruiting (…along with LB…). It’s year 4 and these are all Bielema recruits with the exception of a Kody Walker. Up to them to go out and get difference makers now.

How’d he look, out of curiosity?

Better than what we are trotting out there.