Think it speaks volumes

i think it speaks highly of Coach Pittman and his staff that 7 seniors(and possibly a few more)want to return for 2021.i know that its another year on scholarship and an opportunity to finish one’s degree or start on a graduate one but it seems that these players have "bought in"to what Coach Pittman is trying to achieve.these are the same players(mostly)that for whatever reason couldn’t seem to achieve under the previous staff.there seems to be an appreciation for how the staff treats them and the mutual love.hope the younger players learn from these young men and embrace what it means to be a Razorback even more…all 7 should automatically be voted team captains for next season…just my 2 cents worth…


It does. But it also speaks volumes about how CSP and his staff treat and think of these players. They came back because they felt he and his staff “wanted” them. I recall the former staff saying they would replace anyone that didn’t fit into the new regime. The whole we are here and you can join us or be replaced was the attitude. That’s why those players never played for Chad. CSP from day one, “I chose you”. Now those players had a choice and thy chose him. That builds a program. You don’t tear one down or replace it. You build it. CSP is doing that.


No matter what happens next season, these guys will have earned a special place in Razorback lore. This is a big commitment starting again in just 2 or so weeks with the workouts. Should CSP get this thing going, these 7 (or whatever) could be a real reason. This team needs depth in the form of players that can play. These guys will go along way toward that either themselves or by allowing others to provide depth while becoming better or providing that solid 2 deep we so desperately need.

Kentucky has a place of honor for those basketball players that came back after probation. I can see something similar for these guys.

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Did Arkansas anticipate this many Seniors returning for another season? If not, will this cause us to be over our roster limit for 2021? With 22 commitments plus a couple of anticipated incoming grad transfers, assumed the roster was almost maxed out for 2021.

They will be fine on the roster size. There is always attrition in coaching transition. There was some this year. I do not think Sam was surprised with the announcements. They have been counting scholarships for quite some time.

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Sam Pittman is and will continue to bring the Razorback out of the depths of darkness we have have experienced in past seasons. These seniors coming back does speak volumes of the confidence these players have in CSP improving their chances of becoming a NFL draft pick. I’m drinking the kool aide by the pitcher now days as I’m fully bought in to the staff of our program !! WPS

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Scholarship limit is waived for one year. Any senior who wants to come back can, and not count against the 85.

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I’m really not to surprised by this (Sr’s coming back). Reason is, seeing that locker room after the 1st SEC win. That and watching how this team handled itself on and off the field the whole year.
These Sr’s and the team as a whole (or at least 99%) are very unselfish and it’s about the Razorbacks. Not just me, me, me.
Comes from great leadership from Upperclassmen and Staff.

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