Things to watch for early....

As fans, we all watch our team early in the game and try to get a feeling for how things may unfold. At least I know I do. Here is what I’ll be watching today.

  1. First and foremost, above all, at safety, is Ramirez out there, and is he moving around. Clearly we need all 3 safeties available. And even that may not help. Its very obvious we miss Rohan Gaines…who was not a fan favorite…but he could tackle and was more than willing to hit. Ole Miss is gonna make big plays. But we can’t just let this be a jailbreak early. Or frustration will take over.
  2. Can we run the ball? Is Hjalte still getting confused, even in the run game, and if he is, will they replace him? It sounded like Bielema and Anderson were publicly challenging him with their comments to the press. He is clearly the most talented at the position. Sometimes he just erases his man. But the ole, ole ole, ole moments have to stop. And Ole Miss is gonna stunt all day. Can we gash them in the run game and make them pay? Will Devwah get a chance to make an impact? We need him to establish hims self at #1a. If we can’t run, we can’t win.
  3. If the run game keeps them honest, can we THEN pass block a little? Boots, waggles, playaction drops…THAT is our passing game. Not straight drops and a signal to defenses to “come and get him if you can.” We have learned, they can.
  4. Is Dwayne Eugene getting picked on, and is he holding up? OM will almost certainly go after him. Or, can Scoota pull a Dre Greenlaw and earn the job as a freshman? And play well?
  5. Can our defensive strength, the D-line, make an impact? Sounded to me like they were going to narrow the reps to the most productive. good. I would also find a way to play Agim and Ledbetter together some…especially in pass rush situations. Calling our D. Wise. I know you’re hurt…but its YOUR TIME.

Bottom line, I think we will all know by the conclusion of the 3rd offensive series (when Devwah usually gets in) how this game goes. I sensed frustration within the defense and o-line last week. Early success is critical.

I just want to see if the defense lines up differently. That’ll mean they actually changed something and maybe give me some hope.

Who controls the LIS. I guess we did that against Alcorn and Texas St. Otherwise, nope and you saw what happened.

On pass protection, are the Olinemen and backs actually going to play or just watch like they did last week. On defense, are they going to tackle or play touch? Will there be a defensive player in the middle of the field.