Things that make you go hmmm

Greg Sankey got praise in some quarters for agreeing to fix a playoff system that, in the SEC’s eyes, wasn’t broken. The SEC has been in the CFP every year and with more than one team at least once (the Bama-Georgia title game a few years back).

But with word seeping out that the SEC has been talking to OU and Texas for several months, it appears that Sankey was working on CFP issues and negotiating with the Cows and Clips at the same time. So the 12-team playoff plan is even better for the SEC than we thought. And worse for the Big 12, since the only B12 team to make the playoffs was, yep, OU.

And both Texas and OU know that they will have to improve to beat any team form the SEC in the playoffs so why not be part of the party if you are going to have to adsorb the pains as well. I agree it strengthens the SEC having more than one team , esp if number in playoffs is extended.

Big Ten and Pac 12 plus ACC got some thinking to do. SEC will be next league stop on the way to pros and personal branding will only focus talent into the league IMHO. Coaching and keeping your elite players on board will be more important for schools like Arkansas.

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