Things that make you go hmmm...

Everyone is in an uproar over Morris, but Norvell is supposed to be the next great thing… So why didn’t Arizona St. make a run at Norvell? Hmmm…Just saying.

I heard on the radio the other day from someone close to AZ State and they remarked he would not be interested. Something apparently happened there to him or someone else was treated poorly and that soured him on the school…IDK but that is what they said.

That or he said no because he has a deal on the table from Arkansas.

Arizona State just fired one of his mentors. It’s not likely either side would be interested.

Maybe some red flags came up on Norvell during the vetting process. He doesn’t appear to be on the radar of anyone at the moment.

Another rumor was Memphis and him in contract negotiations. Maybe he feels some loyalty for them giving him his HC opportunity, and the Memphis program seems to be in better shape than most of the schools that fired their coach.

He had a corn row haircut in college and that was only about a dozen years ago. That’s a red flag to me. Jk. Sorta.