Things I want to see today

I am not even hoping for a win today. I AM hoping for a win NEXT week. But in order for us to be in position to upset the Aggies in Jerry World, we all need to see some things happen today. Here’s my list of things I want to see.

  1. Effort. Buy in. Play with some heart. Say what you want, but I do think there is something to the notion that when the FIRST BAD THING happens, our kids are quick to throw up the hands and get down on themselves. This trend is a result, imo, of the repeated 4th quarter fold-ups in recent seasons. I also think that when a coaching staff literally uses a certain style of football as a motivating point (aka we don’t play that way…its soft and not healthy for players) and then you SWITCH to that exact style? I think that set’s up lack of buy-in. Like it or not, the kids loved Bielema. Then we hired the opposite. I suspect there is some “prove yourself” going on. There shouldn’t be…but I suspect there is.

That has to change. Now.

  1. Froholdt to LG, Clary at center. Leave them there. I have been privately calling for that. Clary is not strong. But he’s feisty, and he won’t consistently make busts…which has been happening at LG. MAYBE we can get some consistency on O-line.

  2. This goes with #2…but some running game. Yes, it will be difficult against Auburn. But the RPO is designed to diminish physical superiority IF your QB can read it right. Of course, double teams have to work.

  3. No stupid INTERCEPTIONS. If we turn it over, it better be someone gets the ball knocked out by a great tackle. Not Ty trying to fit one in…or a receiver/QB miscommunication

  4. We need takeaways. Until the offense totally buys in, our defense needs to create turnovers. I think Mond is more susceptible to bad throws next week than Stidham this week…but…if we can get one or two today and maybe knock the ball lose once…that bodes well for moving forward.

  5. Sosa plays up to his potential. He seems to be finding a groove. And maybe a position. This is one dude we have that is as good an athlete as anyone he lines up against. He needs to wreak some havok.

  6. Front 6 on D…dominate. Any chance we have to be good this year lies there. Auburn is Auburn. But their o-line is not their strength. An opportunity lies there.

  7. Chad Morris…take control of the offense. If I was in the storm he’s in…I would start controlling everything for awhile.

  8. TY plays well…and if he doesn’t…the Connor Noland era begins. Stop the musical chairs between Cole and Ty. If Ty can’t get it done…MOVE ON.

  9. Play to within 2 TDs. Show the world we haven’t folded. Leave it all out there. That’s all I am hoping for today. Lose by less than 14. Then…beat the Aggies next week…and turn the momentum on the season.

I would add that the:

  • WR’s have to get open quickly so the QB can get rid of the ball quickly. WR’s and TE’s have to fight press coverage to run better routes, and block better.
    -We have to establish Ty as a run threat so that the RB pitch man is not keyed on like they are when Kelley is QB. Ty needs to decisively run up gaps in the OLIne instead of trying to escape to get off a pass. Let’s hurt them for flooding the Oline.
  • How much do we miss the injured starters in the secondary and will the other returnees offset the losses? How much better is our defense with Ramsey, Greenlaw and Richardson back?
    -I would like to see this defense with Ramsey, Greenlaw and Richardson performance withOUT being put in short fields because our QB’s throw 6 ints.

I want to see no more material for DJ Williams video.

Hopefully our punters got plenty of practice this week. The short punting game along with the INT’s last week gave NTS a short field almost every possession.