Things I saw today

  1. There was a play on the goal line, we’re on the two or three. They show replay from end zone. Not one of our offensive lineman fired straight ahead. Everyone blocking sideways. Needless to say play was stuffed. That is scheme or playcalling.

  2. Capps played horribly. He doesn’t practice all week yet starts and looked like he didn’t practice much. Apparently we have no one else to replace him

  3. Offensive line actually passed blocked fairly well. Overall I saw some improvement

  4. Burke’s is a stud period. Too bad Knox was out. Receiver position looks good for next 2 or 3 years

  5. Coaches are right there on the sidelines, yes Burke’s should know better, but coaches or qb are right there. Take a timeout or scream you head off for him to get off the line. Second time this year big play nullified

  6. Cj as a receiver is playing physical. Good to see

  7. play calling for most part was better, but our redzone playcalling needs work.

  8. Thought we took foot off gas, probably field position when we got lead in second half

  9. Sec refs just suck. Obvious pass interference a couple of times. One was called but not by the ref standing right there but by back judge. Pitiful. I’m tired of getting blatantly screwed by sec officials. Call them out hy.

  10. Still lost. Someday the dam will break. We can beat Kentucky, Mississippi state and western Kentucky. Afraid the sjs game cost us a bowl game.