Things I remember about school....

I went to the University from 1966-1972 and got 2 degrees including an MBA( not bragging, just explaining why I was there so long). Fayetteville and the U of A has changed so much since then, but I thought us older guys might want to remember some great things and great times. I saw this thread on Hogville, and I loved it. It brings me back, so let’s see what we do love and remember about college. Here goes:

  1. Drinking and shooting pool at the D-Lux with Pat and Helen
  2. Shooting pool at Roger’s pool hall and eating his chili dogs
  3. Parking in the Pit and hoping my moves were workin’
    4)Partying at the Rink while dancin’ to Grandmother’s Cookies
    5)Getting pinned during football season so I didn’t have to get a date every weekend
    6)Living at Razorback Plaza and watching the “body queen” swim at the pool
    7)Cleaning up the SAE house every day as a pledge
    8)Walking up the Hill to class when you were freezin’ your butt off
    9)Eating at Tontitown on Sunday night
    10)Professor Quinn in the Geology Dept.
    11)Dr. Franklin Williams( what a character)
  4. White dress shirts, starched blue jeans, penny loafers and no socks
  5. Chicago Transit Authority
    14)Jimi Hendrix
    15)Carole King’s Tapestry
    16)1969 Game of the Century

I could go on and on, but let’s see what you guys have for memories of school in the old days.

Was on the Hill from 1981-84.

  1. Maxine’s
  2. Old Post Office
  3. Gulliver’s
  4. Doc Murdock’s
  5. The Rink
  6. Fight Nights
  7. Texass Week
  8. Dickson Street the night of the 42-11 curb stomping give to the whorns.
  9. Farmer’s Daughter (the restaurant)
  10. Farmer’s daughter :wink:
  11. Camping out for season basketball tickets.
  12. King Pizza
  13. Zorro and the Blue Footballs (aka, Wendy Austin and the Hothouse Tomato Boys)

OK, my one college story from my freshman year that I will tell involves the Rink. The RA on my floor at Hotz went out on a limb and got me a date with a cute sophomore. I was out of my league from the start, but it was clear early on that I had no idea about college life or what went on. We got to the Rink and she said she would like a drink. I went to check and came back and said, “They have cokes, 7-up or water.” She said, “Those are the setups, what did you bring?” I didn’t know what she meant. Finally, I said, “I’m 18. I can’t buy hard stuff.” She said, “Everyone here is under 21 and it didn’t stop them. I came with the wrong guy.” OK, that night didn’t go well. I later decided I was just with the wrong person anyway, but I wasn’t sure that night.

I also remember going through the underground tunnels that connected the heating pipes between buildings. That was entertaining.

I was only there for one year. Was going to go back for a second year, but ended up staying home and transferring to UCA when my mother had a stroke one week after I got home to Little Rock at the end of May.

Clay. I didn’t know that many people went tunneling. I remember studying for a biology test when two fraternity brothers called me after they had tunneled into the library to get a book. They let a door shut behind them and were locked in. They called me to come let them out. That was my first tunneling experience going in by myself to help them. :o

1979-1983. Things I remember (I was in band, so some of this is pretty specific):

Only day games in Fayetteville.
Bus rides to LR three or four times a year.
Practicing on the asphalt basketball courts (Now the indoor football facility)
Marching into War Memorial and all the way around the field before the game.
The “Nose” lady - she had a crocheted hog nose and danced as the band passed by.
The Brass Monkey
King Pizza
Pep rallies at the Greek theater
Pre-Prep rally parties at Yocum (30 people in a dorm room).
The “Brough-alo River.”
Soap in the fountain
Sister Cindy
George Cole field
Hill Hall
Fences around Old Main (Not like now for renovations; it was actually closed for a while)
Insanity at Barnhill

OP & I were there at same time on same program it seems, 66 - 72, BS, MS. Stayed 2 more years as a Research Assistant before moving on to the “Real World”.

What a great and special time to be there. It shaped the whole rest of my life and one of the reasons why I still love it.

What stands out - so much:

6 Dec 69!!! Still haunts me to this day.

Texas Week, especially leading up to 6 Dec. Unreal fun.

Pep Rallies at Greek Theater. There was one every week.

Travelling to LR for all those games down there. Charlene lived in LR adding to the interest in those trips.

Being involved in the rise of Arkansas Basketball.

GABELee - is that right?

The Rink, especially during Greek Week.

Iceing down The Stadium at 5 AM on Sat. mornings before home games. (We would take ice from the ice house and place all over the stadium in the dark. I took ice into the texass dressing room and remember seeing Street’s jersey hanging there.)

7:30 Classes - Ugh

General Chemistry on T T S - Double Ugh!!

Parking in “The Pit” and the race up the hill at Date Call (I can just hear you younger guys - Date Call? Public Display of Affection?

Very importantly - Dr. George Templeton, and Dr. Darrel Slack of the Plant Pathology Department and Dr. Roy Smith of Weed Science. Great men and very highly thought of in their fields. These guys completely shaped my Professional Life. I can never thank them enough!!!

Rolling out of the car on Canal Street in NO before we whipped up on GA in the '69 Sugar Bowl. A cop opened the door and I fell out. He said, “Get a Room Son.” I had one but did not want to drive to it.

I could go on and on as I am sure each of you could. Amazing to think about.

Go Hogs!!!

In the mid- to late-60s there was a large white dog on campus near Old Main that everyone loved. Never knew who owned him, but you could count on seeing him most days.

Back then I carted three other folks and their gear in my car to LR for games. The Interstate had been constructed only to Ozark back then. Nevertheless, my best times for the trip was 2 hours, 35 minutes, probably averaging between 85-90 mph. No one passed us, except every trip there was one car, filled with five folks and their gear, that passed us like we were standing still. It was a 442; mine was a '66 GTO.

1970-74 for me – pretty good football team my freshman year. After that, not so much.

20 memories, in no particular order:

  1. The Rink.
  2. Pizza Hut cellar.
  3. Standing in line all night for tickets to '70 football game vs. Texas.
  4. Driving home from Austin after the 42-7 loss.
  5. Registration in the Men’s Gym.
  6. 1971 loss to Tulsa 20-21, after leading 20-0.
  7. 1972 win over Tulsa 21-20.
  8. 1970 in WMS: “Jimmy Plun-kett passing com-plete to Randy VA-TA-HA” (I heard that way too many times that day).
  9. Watching Martin Terry score 30 and sometimes 40, many times.
  10. Doug Collins came to Barnhill and showed us what basketball really looked like.
  11. Intramural sports.
  12. Sawdust floor in Barnhill.
  13. Walking to class in below zero temperatures.
  14. The Minuteman.
  15. B & B Barbeque (and it’s still there)
  16. The Pig Trail.
  17. Doris Cook.
  18. Road trips to Oklahoma or Kansas to return with Coors.
  19. Architecture lecture with Jim Lambeth.
  20. McLard’s 60-yard FG vs. SMU.