Things I liked and didn't like last night

Liked: the final score; the preparation; the energy; less gambling on defense; Jalen Harris’ shot; Jimmy Whitt’s hard work; Mason Jones; Adrio Bailey; rebounding; student section; large crowd (though no where close to 17,000); positive atmosphere; engaged fans; animated coach.

Didn’t like: turnovers; Reggie Chaney’s absence; ribbon boards dedicated solely to advertising (no stats or secondary scoreboard; I’m a nerd and I like to see stats throughout the game); increase in canned music, advertising and staged nonsense in timeouts (the Hogwild Band barely played; this is getting worse, not better); no William Tell before the game.

Old guy rant over.

Yes bring back the stats! First thing I noticed. They were there for the exhibition game. Hopefully they are back next game.

Large crowd??? I was a bit disappointed in the crowd, I doubt there was even 10k there. I was hoping more would turn out for opening regular season game.

If I was in the band and told the role that it would play (or not play), I do not know if I’d even want to go to the game. Very sad. I guess it’s like that in the NBA. All piped in music. If that’s one of the ways you become more like the NBA, I don’t like it.

There were definitely more than 10k
Considerably more

Absolutely. Students, I thought, really showed out for a Tuesday night, and the rest of the lower bowl was mostly full at one point. I love a great college basketball atmosphere. I hope Arkansas has that all season.

I was there and it was a good Tuesday night crowd. Pulling this number out of my rear, but I’m saying it was around 11,500.

Scottie can you find out if the “stat board” will come back. Several times I found myself looking up to see who was leading us in rebounds, etc.

Ticket scanned were around your number of 11.5K. Last year the opening night drew 7k. But that is understandable. You celebrate honeymoon night a lot more than 8th anniversary night.

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I thought it was a great crowd for a Tuesday night.

This is not the 1990s and 20,000 ain’t walking through that door.

The lower bowl was maybe half full and the upper deck maybe third full.

I attended the UALR game. The ribbon board was actually a distraction to the lighting on the floor. I kept thinking that part of the lighting to the game floor was flashing on and off occasionally, until I realized it was when the ribbon board would go to an all white for some ad. I’m guessing it isn’t really a distraction to the players and coaches or they would do something to stop it.

I must of dreamed the announcer said there were 17000 in attendance,
at least I’m not hallucinating yet, only hearing things! :crazy_face:

That’s what the announcer said, 17k+ scanned. It might have been in error but that’s what he said.

The 17,000-plus was number of tickets sold or distributed

My opinion is 17,000 tickets sold and 11,500 tickets scanned are really good numbers. This was Tuesday night.

I agree with you

From what I understand, from now on they will announce tickets sold as the attendance. Because announcing actual tickets scanned was creating a negative image of the program. Bad marketing.

So, I believe attendance will be always at least 14K. 14K (rounded) being season tickets. I don’t know how many season tickets have been sold this year. I have asked for that number but have not seen it posted,

I believe Jeff Long implemented the policy of announcing actual attendance because they had received heat over fooling the public of what actual attendance was by announcing tickets sold.

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I thought Matt said 9323 season tickets sold this year, or something close to that