Things I hope to see tomorrow

Here are some things I’m hoping to see tomorrow that will, in my mind, be strong indicators we are ready for A&M.

  1. Rush for over 250. I want to see us be able to really mash these guys.
  2. Get Devwah going. I’d like to see him get 100 yards. That may seem crazy…but if we overmatch them like I’m hoping we can, then Devwah could pop a big one, making that number a real possibility. We need that kid. Maybe Hammonds too. Need big play capability.
  3. Get #3 going!!! We need to get Dominique going. We need his big play capability too. He was a difference maker last year against Tennessee and LSU. We need that again.
  4. Continued good tackling in the secondary. I was generally really pleased with that last Saturday.
  5. Last and certainly not least…continued improvement from Froholdt and RIGHT TACKLE. If Colton holds onto the spot and plays better, great. Or, maybe Merrick excels there. Or Wallace! (finally…)

Besides watching our game tomorrow, I would also like to see TAMU beat Auburn and for the Aggies to spend a lot of time focusing on that win instead of preparing for the Hogs next week. It would be nice to leave Jerry World 4-0. Would RRS be rocking when Bama visits if both teams were 5-0?