Things I hope to see on offense next Saturday

This little list isn’t so much a list of things I think would work but that the coaches haven’t thought of! Rather, if we see these things then I assume the players involved are ready…because I seriously doubt there’s anything I could think of that Enos and Bielema have not. Here goes:

  1. Wallace trotting out to play RT…with Gibson moved to LT. I think that would be our best 5…and that would mean Wallace is finally ready with the mental aspects. Hard to believe they were needing to coach him with an ear piece.
  2. TJ Hammonds running back kick-offs. Maybe even punts. I assume he isn’t adept at catching punts…which is the only reason I could think of for him to not be in that spot. (Drop a few in practice and I’m sure you lose your chance at that). I’d love to see one of our most explosive players returning kicks.
  3. Instead of 3-4 wr sets…have TE’s in the slot. I think Patton and O’Grady are simply two of our better football players. Better than most of our WR’s.
  4. The read option on short yardage. I have seen them practice this in pregame and on film clips. I know the read option is a commitment. Even if its predetermined though, there’s a level of deception on short yardage that I think is needed. Swine referenced this. We need some counters and deception in short yardage. How about the old…really old…cross buck?
  5. Jordan Jones catching a fly pattern for a TD. We need to say to secondaries “you better back up!”

I won’t even say the ball in Haydon’s hands…because something tells me that’s gonna be dictated from on high. I still say Devwah and the power running game has to come around. But we gotta get people outta the box.

I like most of it… but if we were going to make a change on the Oline it sure needed to be developed this last week and the upcoming week.

I really think the TE’s in the slot will be very good for us. A&M looked bad for 3 quarters against ULL.

Regarding the o-line…of course!

  1. A possession passing game to give our QB confidence.
  2. Never running into 8-9 in the box.
  3. Never running inside on first down in the red zone.
  4. Not settling for field goal attempts.
  5. Legitimate efforts to use T.J. Hammonds in the offense.
  6. Much less functional substitution that signals our plays to the defense.

How about, in short yardage, putting T.J Hammonds at QB in the Wildhog with Chase Haydon and Pettway or Cornelius (Jordan Jones?) going in motion in potential jet sweep action.> The question would be if Hammonds is capable of keeping them honest with the ability to raise up and throw to a releasing tight end. I wouldn’t even mind Devwah or Williams being the back for their strength.

Just a thought.

No matter the personnel, there must be a first-down pass attempt in short yardage at some point.

In the red zone especially inside the 3 Cole Kelly QB sneak.

  1. Creativity
  2. Speed on the field
  3. Brian Wallace
  4. Creativity
  5. Speed
  6. Did I mention creativity and speed

Spread the field near the goal line

Quick passing game to reduce blocking times. We can put TJ and Jared in the slot for quick passes. We can split out the TE to drag the LB’s into coverage/out of blitz. CJ is a very mobile TE that has had enough snaps to be trusted by AA. Patton is even more athletic at TE but hasn’t had a chance to show out in a game.

  1. Ark with more pints than Tex A&M at end of play

  2. A team with identity and chemistry that is In Sync and “uncommonly great”

No at this point I’ll settle for uncommonly good

I will take no three and outs and also scoring on every drive in the second half!!

Being Captain obvious but this game could be the biggest game of the Coach B era

And also determine the length of CBB era…


The read option is a great short yardage play. I think QB runs are the best thing to do on the goal line. It is often the man not accounted for in a defensive scheme (in pro offensive schemes).