Things are seldom...

as good as they seem or as bad as they seem. I think some old head recently referred to this as “balance”.

We’ve lost some good recruits. We’ve gained some really good recruits.
We’re probably not going to recruit Florida or Louisiana as much as in the past. We’re probably going to recruit Texas and Arkansas better than we have recently.
I put on 25 pounds (I had lost 35) after Harvey. I still have my 38" chinos hanging in the closet.
Our new staff didn’t have months/years of relationships with all current recruits. Our new staff has saved most of the relationships and opened new ones.
“Recruits are dropping like flies”. I can only imagine what doors this staff might open over the next two months, given what they did in the first two weeks.
We only have single digit commitments. This was going to be our smallest recruiting class, certainly in recent history, anyway.
Your pee pee hurts. Antibiotics are a beautiful thing.

Relax…it’s Christmas and we have a head coach on Red Bull with a history of relationships and new excitement. We’re signing a 4* QB, a 4* LB and a 330 pound dancing bear.

All is not lost and I have only one more present to buy to finish my Christmas shopping.

I will now go away and not post again for another 5 years.

Hope you don’t wait 5 years before posting again - your writing style is much like Seattlehog - and that is like the ultimate compliment…good post

Things are never as good as they seem or as bad as they seem. Lou Holtz quote.

Ole Lou was entertaining…

OLE Granny Holtz…