Things about our fans I will never understand ...

  1. Sitting through an entire game and then, with just minutes to go and the outcome still in doubt, leaving to “beat the traffic.” Why come at all if you leave before you know who will win?

  2. Chanting “over-rated” at a higher-ranked team as we’re about to win. Doesn’t winning mean more if the team we beat is accurately rated high?

  3. Discontinuing cheers for your team as they run onto the court to boo the opposing team as they come on. You realize, that’s part of their evil plan, to make you stop cheering, right?

  4. Assuming that every coaching search will end in a matter of hours, and then panicking like pre-schoolers when it doesn’t happen. We live in a real world and stuff takes time.

Real world? Then why are you posting on the internet?

Fake news :slight_smile: :smiley:

I thoroughly enjoyed all 4. Well done.

totally agree with all 4, nice post


This is every fan base